a little mess

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princess pov

i woke up because my tummy was aching and the inside of my legs were sticky and wet.

i slept in daddy's bed last night because we watched descendants 2. i pulled off my cover and saw the messy sheets.

they were covered in red, big girl period blood!!!

oh no! i messed up dada's sheets. he gonna punish me.

my tears welled up and i begin to cry, loudly. daddy's begins to wake up as looks over to me, "what's wrong, princess?"
"i sowy daddy", i cry.
"what'd you do princess?", i point to the sheets. "oh, princess that's okay", he hugs me. "it's just time for your big girl period"

he gets out of bed, "let's go clean you up", he picks me up from the bed and pulls off my icky clothes.

he places me in the water and i wash my body as he gets new sheets. "daddy!? can you pwease wash me hair?"
"yes princess, be right there", he comes into the bathroom a second later.

he gets some shampoo and lathers it in my blonde hair. his big daddy hands run through my long strands. i close my eyes as he massages my head. i moan at the feeling.

"does my princess like that?", i giggle and nod. "well i think that's enough", he drains the water and wraps me in a pink towel.

he drys me off and gets out a big pink pair of granny panties that say 'princess'. he puts a huge pad in it.

"i don't wanna wear dos", i pout.
"i'm sorry, but you have to", he makes me step into them and grabs me a elephant onesie to wear.

we get back in bed and watch veggie tales.


today daddy was at work and my nice princess sitter was sicky. so i was left home alone. again but this time i was gonna be good.

i basically just watched my disney shows and ate my pre made snackies.

but i wanted a real meal.

daddy would be home in one hour which gave me enough time to make us a five course meal. i think?

anywho, hopped on the counter and got us out some of my bratz plates, cups and forks.

i was gonna make us something fancy. the only problem was that i'd never cooked in my life and had no clue were anything was.

i looked in fridge and found some leaf things that said mint leaves. i guess i could make salad with this. i add a whole banana, unsliced because i wasn't allowed to us knifes. then added some peanuts, grapes and last but not least some mc donald's chicken nuggets from the other day.

i finally topped it off with barbecue sauce and ketchup. it smelled funny but salads always smell weird.

i went back in the fridge and found some meat looking stuff called tofu. i got two big cubes of it and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. i think that how long it's takes to cook meat.

then i pull it out and it burns my little finger causing me to drop it. "meanie microwave!", i pout and pick up the food and put it back on the plate to serve.

then lastly i make a special princess drink. i try making it like the one i drank at the ddlg club.

i get a few juice boxes and pour them into the cups the i add some milk to make it whiter. next i add some blue and pink jelly beans in it to make it a fun color but it doesn't really work. i add a few sprinkles, a cookie and a straw.

my work here is done.

i place my salad, meat and drink at the table for dinner. when daddy comes home he's angry.

i actually forgot to clean up my mess. oopsie.

but i think daddy liked my food because he ate all of it then rushes to the bathroom. but he said it was delicious.

chef princess to the rescue.


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