Part 2 : Turf wars

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Kate continued to look around the arena while spinning around to see how big the arena actually was an to her misfortune, it was overwhelmingly massive.

Kate started to shiver slightly and feel butterflies in her stomach as she held her water gun which was filled with ink nervously.

"You ok?" Asked Fin to see if Kate was alright.

It took a moment for Kate to respond...

"...oh- um" Kate replied nervously as she realised Fin was talking "yes I am, it just looks a bit bigger than I thought".

The arena looked like an average super market with isles of cereals, groceries and other items known in a supermarket. To the sides of the arena were audiences of humanoid jellyfish and other sea creatures that made up the crowd. This arena was known as 'Mako-Mart' and weirdly took place in a super market.

Kate looked over Fin's shoulder to see 2 other Inklings which were presumably Fin's friends.

Kate didn't know them nor went out side much due to Her socially awkward and shy nature judging by her apartment looking sorta otaku.

"Match is starting soon, get to your team stations!" Shouted the speaker once more.

Kate, Fin and his friends and the other team then went to their stations and collapsed into a form which looked much like their more primitive versions to get ready for the match to start.

They then formed back into their humanoid form with their weapons recharged and their storage tanks on their backs filled with Ink by the stations.

"Match is now starting in 3..." Shouted the speaker.

each Inkling including Kate got into their ready stance as if they were athletes in a race.

"...2..." Shouted the speaker.

Kate clutched her Ink filled water gun firmly as she gulped hoping the butterflies in her stomach go away and make her stop shivering.

".......1......." Shouted the speaker.

A moment of silence passed. Tension started to build up as the audience watched the game begin.

"Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!" The speaker Shouted loudly.


At that very moment, Every Inkling and Octoling in the arena pulled the triggers of their guns and shot Ink all over the place.

Kate hesitated due to the speaker shouting loudly but she began to shoot Ink around the place as swiftly as she could.

Fin and his friends were in the middle of the arena trying to defend their side whilst Kate was shortly behind, trying to cover as much as her teams side with Ink (which was the main point of turf wars).

After Kate's side was covered in green ink, she chased after her friends who were still defending off the other team.

"KATE! get over here quickly!" Shouted Fin "We can't hold them back for much longer".

Kate then morphed into squid form and travelled through the green ink to swiftly reach Fin and his friends. She then morphed back and started shooting at the other team.

It was about a moment until Kate managed to hit the enemy. One of the opponent's team mates got splatted and returned to their spawning station.

"Good one Kate" said Fin impressively.

"Thanks" Kate blushed back.

Kate and the team managed to fight strongly against the opposite team, managing to cover three quarters of the arena. The timer on the clock showed 1 minute until the match ended.
Kate actually felt brave now.

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