Why did i came back òwó but part 2

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Albert was going to leave right when alone come down the stairs "oh hey Albert" alone still blushing "hi alone traveler umm were selozar"he said still sitting on the couch"he some were" he smiles very nervously and look at the top of the stairs to see were was selozar
But alone was cut off by Albert when his was looking "so what u been up to..." he said "nothing really just nothing" he said looking  back up the stairs selozar was standing at the top
"Selozar" he said "what?" Albert look at alone

Selozar walk down the stairs and greet Albert "hey Albert <3" selozar was happy to see him. Alone was a bit jealous, selozar sat by Albert on the couch was going to kiss Albert before alone stop they with an question "so Albert why u came here today"he said"well thought It would be good to check on u" Albert said "well did I invite you"

"Ummm" Albert said thinking what to say to him "so can you leave" alone said smiling he was not blushing anymore he just wanted Albert to leave, Albert was very nervous he really didn't want to leave selozar with him "can't I stay a little longer?" Albert said smiling, alone was very aggravated "fine" he said "but I have to speak to selozar" albert didn't want Selozar to go but he nod yes, alone hold Selozar hand and take him to the kitchen "what are u doing" Selozar said looking at alone "let continue" alone said looking at Selozar holding both of his hands Selozar look at how desperate alone was just to be with him?

"Please" alone was very desperate at this point almost acting like a dummy who got dumb by his girlfriend and trying to get back with her. Selozar was thinking "well why you acting like this" he said, alone was very unnerve and left. Selozar kinda felt bad but still alone did harm to him for his life but he knew that why alone is doing this so he doesn't look bad in front of everyone
Alone just want to be normal
Selozar went back to Albert "hey Selozar..." Albert said looking at the black Tv screen "yes?" Selozar said "why u have an Tv if you don't use it" he said "idk" Selozar said,  in the closet  because it his only room in the house now

~\\\O there be more
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