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Helloo~ before we start this chapter will be a bit different as its going to involve with alittle diffrent things~ lets just say Wolfie may have attracted some dudes 😏


'Where the hell is Wolfie?' I thought as I looked around and I was by her stand, I need my drugs. "B-Bully!!" A girl with a nerdy voice called out as I turned around and growled "what?!" As the girl flinched and looked at me, "H-Haven't you heard? Wolfie isn't gonna b-be here for a few days..everyones devastated..Its suppose to be a big sale today too.." She frowned as my eyes widen and I gripped onto her shoulders as the girl blushed madly and I looked striaght into eyes, "Where is she four-eyes freak?!" I demanded ss she flinched, "S-She's with her uncles!" She said as her voice was filled with fear and I let her go and started to head my way there. After everything the least I can do is just be with her..I still carry guilt from her..what she did back than..

I couldn't forgive myself that day..I was filled with guilt and regret..I never stopped crying that day..

That day I promised myself that I would be with her..

I knocked on the door, I hanged out here from time to time..What I saw made me shocked

A...another guy?

"Sup." He yawned as his fangs showed, having a bite mark on his neck as I glared, "Why the héll are you here?" I growled and he just chuckled, "Wooahh. Someone's cranky." He said as he hissed and his head formed into a scary demon bat as I backed up and I fell onto my butt as he laughed and his head was his normal self. A guy dressing up nice causal clothes glared at the black haired dude as he picked me up, "Are you alright?" He asked softly, "Excuse his rudeness." He glared at the guy who scared me as he looked at the pink hair guy amd smirked, "Oh! Ahem, I'm so sorry your majesty." He bowed down and had a sarcastic voice on as the boy sighed, "Stop it. You can't act like that when Wolfie's sick!!" I looked at him, "Where is she?!" I demanded as the pink haired guy looked at me, "Oh..She's in her room, By the way. My name is gum-" he was cut by the pointy ear freak, "He's Gumwad and I'm Marshall." He smirked with his arms crossed. He dressed as somewhat of a bad boy but it was somewhat stylish, the polite male glared at Marshall and he puffed, "Gumball." He said with his arms crossed as Marshall chuckled. I saw Wolfie come in the room weakly as she yawned, as Gumball ran and held Wolfie, "You need to go to rest!" He said softly as Marshall walked to Wolfie and picked her up "Damn. Your light." He said as he started to head to her room,


I turned around and saw Baldi as he glared at me, "what are you doing here?" He said as I glared at Baldi, "What are these guys doing here?" I growled and Baldi sighed, "Their the club leaders in our school. I don't trust you for obvious reasons. But Gumball is the leader of the baking/cooking club. Liking to experiment the food but other than that he is quite the success. Marshall on the other hand is quite the trouble maker but the leader of the music club. He's rather good with his guitar and has a good voice.." He said as I groaned, "And Blue?" I asked as Valid rolled his eyes, "She's on a date."

"Well can I at least visit Wolfie?"


"Wha- why the hell not?!"

"I don't trust you."

"So you trust Gumball and pointy ear freak?!"

"Yes. Their trustworthy."

"How the hell I didn't kniw about them sooner?!"

"I assume you were too busy checking Wolfie out?" He glared as I blushed, "W-What? What makes you think that?!"

"If you were listening Wolfie told you weeks ago there were new members in out school. But I notice you were looking somewhere on her body than just her face." He said

I shook my head in embarrassment, "F-Forget that...but is that why Wolfie was hanging out more than her job stand? Everyone was dumped when Wolfie store was closed early! You know how cheap are those high quality choclate! Like those original price are about 100$! We thought they were fake but she buys those things from the store!" Someone witnessed it and they took footage!" I said as Baldi looked at me suprised, "Really I thought they were fake."

"Well there not. Can I go visit her now?"

He sighed, "I suppose so."

"Score." I started to walk to Wolfie's room and saw Marshall playing the guitar and was humming a soft tune as Wolfie listened and was eating some sweets that Gumball made, "she's sick!!" I glared at Gumball as he looked at me, "There medicine. It may look like sweets but its medicine inside so she eats while taking the medicine at the same time." He whispered in my ear, I knew Wolfie refuses to take any medicine, especially pills. "Bully why are you here?" She said weakly and looked at me, "Well..you were sick..I heard it from the others so I came to check on you..", "Wow. Very romantic. Tch, he's your boyfriend or somethin'?" Marshall said ans looked at Wolfie as I blushed but Wolfie simply shook her head, "He's just a good friend of mine." She yawned as my heart shattered when I heard that, than again..I bet she dosen't really like me after the incident..

"Hey. I forgot to introduce you to Marshall and Gumball! Their really good friends of mine..Gumball makes the best sweets and Marshall is the best at music.." She smiled softly as I nod, "Yeah." I said

But this means war. No way Wolfie is gonna date one of them, not in my watch!!


This story is making no sense--

Uh..yesh hope you enjoy

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