Birth of my new baby sister Rachel

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Samantha sat at the table

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Samantha sat at the table.  Her legs swinging under the table.  Her eyes fixed on Jim.  Mummy was coming home.  It had been a week since Mummy had left here to go to Hospital.  The doctor there had helped Mummy get the baby out.  Samantha had, had Mrs Jones looking after her.  She had even stayed the night.  But today she had been called away.  Now Samantha had Jim again.  He was just being crazy.  Mummy was coming home with Baby Rachel later today.  Samantha didn't know why Jim was so organised today of all days.  She watched as he put the cereal into the bowl.  He split it on the bench.  "I don't want floor stock." Samantha said to him.  "It has not been on the floor." Jim said to her with a smile.  "I don't want cereal today." She said to him.  "OK then toast?" Jim asked her.  "If I have to." Samantha replied.  "Well you tell me what you would like.  I will see if I can make it for you." Jim said with one of his smiles at her.  They aint going to work with me mister. Samantha thought smileing  at him.  "OK then I want pancakes." Samantha said with a smile.  Jim groaned.  "Don't tell me ya don't know how to make pancakes?" Samantha asked him.  "Oh I know, I just don't want to ah ... mess up the kitchen for Mummy." Jim said.  "You don't know how to cook do you?" Samantha asked with a huge smile.  "Well yes.  But I have a really good idea.  How about you get dressed in your new dress. Then we can do to the pancake parlor for breakfast?" Jim said with a smile again.  Samantha smiled back at him.  Wow the pancake parlor.  He was really out to get on her good side now.  She laughed.  "OK." She said slipping off the chair.  

Jim breathed a sigh of relief.  He did not know how it was going to go today.  When Mrs Jones was called away last night.  Jim panicked.   He had never been alone with Samantha since the theme park.  That was about four weeks ago.  It was not because Barbara did not trust him.  But she knew he had work.  That is why Mrs Jones was called in.  But she got an emergency phone call from her son last night.  His wife had taken ill.  She was in hospital.  Jim had assured her he would be fine with Miss Samantha.  As the woman liked to call her.  Jim was off in his own world of memories when he heard Samantha scream.  Without a thought he run to her room.  She stood there with her new dress stuck on her head.  Her arms hanging out the arms.  She was all tangled in the dress.  Jim smiled to himself.  She did look a sight.  "Arhhhhh." She yelled again.  "Can I help?" Jim asked from the doorway.  "I'm stuck.  My new dress dose not fit!" Samantha said.  "Can I take a look?" Jim asked.  "If you have to.  I have my undies and singlet on.  So I guess it will be alright." Samantha said.  Jim smiled to himself as he took the dress off.  Samantha looked up at him.  "Are you laughing at me?" Samantha said her lip beginning to drop.  "No I would never do such a thing.  I was smileing because ....... Ah ....... I was thinking how proud Mummy is going to be.  You know when she sees that you dressed yourself." Jim said as he unbuttoned the dress.  He slipped it over her head.  "Now let me button the back for you." Jim said.  "Well we will have to tell Mummy that.  I can not get to the back." Samantha said.  "Well I will not tell Mummy, if you don't want me to?"Jim asked.  "No it's ok.  I don't think Mummy is that stupid." Samantha said going to get her shoes and slip them on.  "Oh wait." She said running into her bathroom.  Jim said on the bed as instructed.  "Now I am ready." She said coming out of the bathroom.  She had placed a small pink felt hat on her head.  She had also sprayed some perfume on.  "Now you look great.  Shall we go eat.  Then pick up Mummy?" Jim asked with a smile.  "And baby Rachel." Samantha said with a smile.  "Yes, and baby Rachel." Jim said he was a very proud Daddy.  

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