chapter 10

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gustav's pov

you know that feeling when you feel like utter and complete shit and there is nothing anyone can do to help you.

that's the feeling i feel most of the time.

when ariana started to come around it had stop. for once i actually felt okay and like things were gonna be okay. but that was a joke.

here i was, sitting on the couch in my house drinking a bottle and letting
myself waste away.

"the fuck is wrong wit you?" tracy asked walking into the living room and taking a seat next to me on the couch.

"what the fuck isn't wrong with me?" i laughed half joking and half being serious.

"something happen between you and ariana?" tracy grabbed the bottle out my hand taking his own swig of the alcohol.

"just a bunch bullshit. i really though she was the one." i slurred throwing a donut in my mouth that was in the bag on the small coffee table.

"les write a song bout it." tracy smiled handing the bottle back to me.

"ight call up jayyeah i wanna use that
one beat his sent me awhile back." tracy nodded at me then sat up to go get everything figured out.

i also sat up and walked over to the window looking at ariana's house. her dads car was still in the driveway and there was only a few lights on including her bedroom light.

i sighed turning away and grabbing a random pen and paper that was randomly sitting on another table. shit was always laying around i guess.

i walked into tracy's room to see him
on his computer.

"lets do this shit man." i said closing the door behind me to have a clear headspace and make this song fire.

omniscient pov

"i should be back from work around ten. there's money on the counter and my number if there's an emergency." arthur told all his children before saying his goodbyes and leaving to his job.

"if you need me i'll be upstairs." ariana said. asher nodded and continued to watch whatever was on the tv as ava slept next to him.

new message from tracy 🤑!

tracy 🤑
u busy?


tracy 🤑
why u lyin. u sittin at your desk

ariana raised her eyebrow at tracy's recent text and squinted her eyes looking out her window. she saw him standing in the window at gus's house across the street and few houses down. he waved at her then glanced back down at his phone.

tracy 🤑
cum over and make
up wit peep

no. i gtg.

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