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Jordan Jauregui is a fifteen years old girl.

At first when she was born they thought she was a boy. But when she turned five, she had many stomachaches, so Lauren took her to the doctor. It turned out that Jordan isn't really a boy but intersex. She started growing her hair instead of cutting it short every time. She has brown hair and ocean green eyes, just like her mother. But she isn't as pale as Lauren.

Both Lauren and Jordan don't know who Jordan's dad is. Two years after everyone left fifth harmony to do something else with there lives, Lauren decided to get pregnant by a donor. She wanted to feel how it is to have a little child in your tummy. How it feels to give birth to someone. And when her little baby was born, she couldn't get any happier. She didn't need a man or a woman. As long as she and her baby were happy.

Jordan is a intelligent child, just like her mother. She is a introvert. She likes to watch series and movies, read books and draw. She's gay (which she discovered when she was eleven). She only wears sweatshirts and hoodies, she doesn't like to show any skin. She likes to sing and write songs, but never show them to anyone. She can play the piano, drums and guitar.


Leah Hansen Hamilton eldest daughter of Dinah Jane Hansen and Normani Kordei Hamilton born right after they left fifth harmony. She is seventeen. She has a little sister Alisa Hansen Hamilton, sixteen years old.

Both girls have brown eyes. Leah has dirty blond hair and Alisa has dark brown hair. Unlike Alisa, Leah has a darker skin.

Both like to sing. Leah loves to dance while Alisa can't dance at all.

Leah has always been straight never thought otherwise. Unlike Alisa, the girl is still discovering what she is.

Both girls have the characteristics of their mothers. They like to prank, listen to Beyoncé all day and eat chicken wings like crazy people. But they're both loyal to their friends and family. Mess with them and they won't hesitate to kill you.


Emily Cabello, sixteen year old daughter of Camila Cabello. Just like her mother, she has brown hair and brown eyes. She is hyperactive and happy all the time. She is openly gay. She has a rare obsession with bananas, probability because her mother gave her bananas when she was younger all the time.

Just like the others, she likes to sing and Her mother taught her how to play the guitar.


Olivia Kelly Hernandez, sixteen year old daughter of Tori Kelly and Ally Brooke hernandez. Unlike Ally, Olivia is tall, not that tall but just normal tall for her age.

She has brown curly hair and brown eyes. She is a little bit tan. Despite having two religious mothers, Olivia doesn't really believes in god. She goes to church every Sunday because she has to but it just doesn't really matter to her.

She hasn't told her parents because they will freak out. She isn't planning on telling them. She likes her life how it is right now. What she is planning on telling them is that she is bisexual. At least she thinks she is. She is still trying to figure everything out.

Not that her parents will care since they're both gay. Well tori is bisexual and Ally is pansexual.

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