Little Brother-Jisung(2)

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"It's okay, what do you want to do?" He asked me and smiled towards me once again warming my heart. "Well, we could watch a movie?" I suggested and I saw his eyes light up like lightbulbs.

"That sounds good—" he was interrupted by my brother. "I want to watch a movie too, Noona." He said and pouted making me look towards him. The way he says Noona disgusts me.

We ended up watching a movie Dongwoo wanted to watch which was that Troll movie that he's obsessed with. While he was engrossed in the movie, Jisung and I weren't even paying attention to it.

We were just talking amongst each other. We both decided to lay down and face each other on the couch. Both of our arms were propped up on the couches arm but in different positions. He had placed his arm around my waist and was slowly moving closer to me.

I could feel Dongwoo's piercing brown eyes staring holes into my head. "Do you feel Dongwoo staring at you too?" I whispered to Jisung and he paused and nodded.

"I was just ignoring it cause I thought he was only staring at me." He said and peaked at Dongwoo from behind me but he came back down on the couch fast. "He's just glaring at us, he's not even watching the movie anymore."

I nod and I began to get up from the couch. "Come on let's go to my room, Dongwoo's creeping me out." He nodded and got up. He held onto my hand and we walked up to my room. I could feel Dongwoo staring at us the entire time we walked up the stairs.

We walked into my room and as soon as we both walked in I locked my door. "Just in case he tries to come in here." He sat down on my bed and I sat next to him.

"Why is your brother like that?" He asked me making me scoff. I'm done putting up with my brother and I'm ready to finally go to college with Jisung. "He's madly in love with me for some reason, what makes it weird is that I'm his sister and he's twelve." I said and laid down on my bed. Jisung smiled and laid down next to me.

"I don't see how he wouldn't, you're a wonderful person in my eyes (Y/N)." He said making my heart warm up. "But that is pretty weird that he does this to every guy you hang out with, especially me." He put his arms behind his head and stared up at the ceiling.

I roll my eyes. "Tell me about it, I can't wait until I'm out of this house and away from him," I said and I turned to him on my side making him look towards me.

He slowly leaned in and I could basically feel my lips touching his until I heard a bang on the door and my body jolts forward making my lips slam on his. It hurt my lips at first but the longer we stayed in that position the softer it got. I wrapped my arms around Jisung's shoulders and softly parted my lips from his and looked towards the door.

He sat up with me in his lap and my arms wrapped around his shoulders. We both stared at the door waiting for something to happen.

My brother had banged on the door. Usually he would barge in and throw a fit but since I had the door locked he couldn't do anything. That was until the door burst open revealing Dongwoo standing there. He looked furious and I really wanted to know how he got in, I made sure I locked the door?

"Mom said I have to stay in your sight," he said furiously and he came in and sat on the stool that was across from us. Now the awkwardness in the room was twice as awkward than it was earlier.

Jisung and I got out of our position and went back to sitting next to each other. He looked towards me and saw that I was staring down at the carpet. He placed his hand on top of mine making me look up towards him. He smiled softly and leaned into kiss my cheek even though Dongwoo was watching.

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