Little Brother-Jisung(2)

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"(Y/N)!" I heard my mom yell for me from down the stairs of my house. "Jisung is here!" She said teasingly making me roll my eyes at the way she said it.

My boyfriend Jisung was coming over to hang out with me today. We were basically just going to sit around and possibly watch some movies and binge watch some shows. You know, the usual.

I hurry down the stairs to see my mom standing at the end of the stairs with her arms folded. She had a smirk on her face. "Jisung is in the living room on the couch, I'm going to leave to go to the hospital," she sighed and groaned as she wiped her face. "paperwork has to get done somehow."

And with that, she gave me a hug and went for the door that was behind her. But before she left she told me one more thing.

"Remember, your babysitting your little brother." She then hurried to put her shoes on and get out the door without a protest to be heard from my mouth.

My brother. Han Dongwoo, the twelve year old demon. Of course I'm joking when I say demon but he's so bad, he's earned the title. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother to death but I hate the way he acts around Jisung and all my guy friends.

Now you see, I'm not making it clear enough. My brother, Han Dongwoo has a HUGE CRUSH on me, Han (Y/N), his SEVENTEEN year old SISTER.

This all started whenever he was five and I was ten. He'd follow me everywhere and loved to hold my hand and give me hugs. Sounds normal for a five year old, right? That was until he turned six, he started to give me kisses and the hugs he gave became longer and more....pervy.

I began to get a little more cautious of him when he turned seven. That was until one of my 'missing' bras turned up in his room under his pillow when he was nine. At night he would smell it and pretend that I was wearing it, and when I confronted him about it he had the audacity to deny it.

He's extremely good at hiding his crush on me. I've tried telling my Mom and Dad about it and they don't believe me. But my dad began to get suspicious of him when I told him about the bra thing. My Mom just thinks that he loves me a lot. Yeah he does, but not in the way she's thinking about it.

So I guess you get the gist, my twelve year brother is a pervert and he hates my boyfriend, Jisung.

I walk into the living room to see Jisung sitting on the couch awkwardly. I smile when he looks my way but I notice something about him. He looked uncomfortable and when he looked at me he looked relieved about something. That meant one thing.

Dongwoo was in the room with him.

I walk into the living room to see Dongwoo sitting on the couch that was pressed against the side of the wall. He was staring at me with a smirk on his face. "Hi Noona, I see Jisung is here," he said Jisung's name with venom slipping out. He despised Jisung with his entire soul.

"Yeah, can you...uh...go to your room?" He shook his head no which made me boil with anger. "Eomma said I have to stay where you can see me, Noona," he rested his arm on the couch and put his head on his hand. He smiled widely up at me making me internally cringe.

I roll my eyes knowing that mom didn't tell him that and he was probably saying that so he could watch me from afar. "Okay, just don't try anything," I walked away from him and towards Jisung. My smile returned as I stared at Jisung, my heart warming at his smile.

I sit next to him and grabbed the blanket that was folded next to me and I drape it over both of our bodies. "Sorry, I kept you waiting." I apologized and sweeped a piece of my hair behind my ear.

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