Chapter One

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"Which one tonight, love?" She asked as her mint colored skirt frilled out when she turned facing me.

"The one with the hero vampire!" I said and jumped up and down on my cot (picture of a cot at the top) as the springs squeaks. The tattered blanket tore even more under my dirty feet.

She smiled and nodded her head then sat at the end of my bed. "Get tucked in all snug and warm, then I'll tell the story", She rubbed my feet and I giggled.

I yawned and grabbed her hand. I laced our fingers together.

The story (I don't want to put quotation marks and it will be better detail)

Guns fired as Katalia spun slashing anything that came close to her with her beautiful shining sword. She ducked as another sword flew just above her face and swept her leg out knocking the swords bearer to his feet. Her expressionless face turned into a cruel but tight smile. She was surrounded yet again. Her odds stacked against her, and that's just how she liked it. She thought of herself as a dancer on stage it was a battle show and the curtains had went up. She promised a show and the warriors she fought deserved one. Another heavily armed man charged at her.

She easily decapitated him and draws another sword.

"Come now Katalia, is this truly what you believe is the right decision? Surely other pleasures could strike your fancy, yes? Do yourself a great honor and put away your weapon!" King Palisi yells and chokes on a forced laugh. His tan skin littered with sweat upon his brow. He was a werewolf with a sick sense of humor. He had gray dull eyes and his once blonde hair was pure white. He stood towering over my 5'4 height.

I bucked my head up. "The only pleasure and honor I desire is the one that ends with your head on the end of my father's casket! As for the right descision it is the one with the best outcome!" She snarls and flashes her fangs.

"So be it and the teacher becomes the student, but your time has come to a sickening end, goodbye love!" He laughs wickedly and spins out of Katalia's reach, his men coming forward closing her in. One charged and the rest followed. She kept her eyes trained on the King's retreating figure.


Fourteen men died in the blink of an eye.

She ran, her legs pumping as fast as she could make them go. "KATALIA!" Monso yelled charging into the fight.

"Wait! Who is Monso again?" I asked moving my head so it was on her chest.

She laughed and shook her head "Lyric, how many times have I told you this story?"

I shrugged my shoulders and tried to count on my fingers, but I eventually ran out of fingers.

"He was her ex-lover I mean boyfriend and you're not allowed to have one of those before you get any ideas", she said and tickled my sides. I giggled and kicked my feet over the cot.

My feet dangled over the edge. "So should I continue with the story, Sleepy head?"

I nodded my head eagerly.

The man she used to love fought beside her again.

The sound of heavy breathing and clashing swords filled the air. "I don't need your help!" Katalia said stabbing a warrior with her left sword as her right impaled another.

"Why must you be so difficult!?! You may not want my help but you do need it you can't do this on your own!" He said as he looked into her forest green eyes the ones that complemented her snow like complexion. She swept her brown hair away from her face and glared at him.

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