Be with you Gaara x Depressed reader

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A/N: So the asshole ex in this one is based off an ex I had, who didn't understand that because I'm depressed I'm not always gonna act the way he wants me to.


"I can't be with someone who makes me feel useless"

"You never let me help you"

"Why do you never flirt with me and act cute?"

"I wish I never fucking met you."

(Y/N) looked over the texts she got from her ex boyfriend a few months ago. She thought back to when they first started dating, he knew she had depression and anxiety. That reaching out to people has always been a problem for her, and she was trying to better herself at getting the help she needed. Yet the way he exploded on her and left her messages like this after a disagreement left her wondering. Maybe she wasnt cut out for daring anyone while she had her mental health problems, maybe it was selfish of her to go into relationships and expect them to understand that she wasn't depressed because she's alone. That just because she enters a new relationship years of constant emotional pain would disappear.

Putting her phone down she sighed and looked out the window of her current class. College really wasnt easy but at least it wasnt as much as a bell hold as high school was. No one here cares about being popular and being involved in cliques everyone was just trying to either pass, party, find love or all three.

Smirking lightly (Y/N) thought about the few friends she made, Crystal came off as the mother of the group. Constantly making sure the others were keeping up everything and not falling behind. While Enders was always making jokes and making (Y/N) laugh at everything. Both girls were amazing and understood that depression wasnt just a bad day, they knew that because neither of them experienced it they could really connect with her but still put in the effort that she didn't have to feel alone. If only she could find a guy who would get that.

Shaking her head from her thoughts she wrote down the rest of the notes the instructor wrote on the board. Now was not the time to dwell on things like that.


After class was over (Y/N) looked at her texts, she had asked her friends if they wanted to hang out earlier but both had plans with their boyfriends. Although she like and respected both Sasori and Deidara she couldn't help but feel disappointed. When the 5 of them hung out she always felt like the fifth wheel. Even though they constantly reassured her she wasnt. She still chose not to hang out with them when it was obvious they were more interested in their significant other then actually hanging out.

(Y/N) yawned while walking through the halls not paying attention she bumped into someone dropping one of her books. Looking up she her eyes meant soft green ones. "I'm so sorry Gaara, I wasnt paying attention" she apologized picking her book and his. Handing them back to him, she looked away embarrassed.

Gaara was in a few of her classes, and they even met up and hung out a few times to study together. Though (Y/N) wouldn't call them friends, since it was only occasionally. If anything they were most likely acquaintances.

"Its fine, not like you caused me any harm" he commented taking his books back. Then he looked at (Y/N) "you alright? You seem tired"

Looking up mid yawn (Y/N) shook her head lightly "I'm fine, just trying to keep up with my work has taking up a lot of my sleeping time."

"Do you wanna get lunch with me?" He asked while walking with her down the hall.

Looking at the time she nodded, " might as well. I missed breakfast this morning anyway." She asnwered following his pace to the cafeteria.

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