A/N Sorry But Thanks!

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Hey hey hey!

Sorry for not updating my books as often! I know I say this everytime - however I'll keep apologizing with the same reason because it's the truth - but... how do I say this calmly?



I did not do a good job... Let me try again.

I had to play catch-up for a while and although I'm technically not a teenager yet, I'm just going through some crazy stuff. I'm stressed out and I feel like...

I'm a mess

I'm a loser

I'm a hater

I'm a user

~ I'm A Mess by Bebe Rexha

Okay, that was totally uncalled for. It's just... music is my life, I have a shirt that proves that my brain is 90% song lyrics and schist. 

Also, I've been distracted with watching Stranger Things. I'm completely hooked onto the show and just couldn't stop watching! 

Well, to continue with this "Author's Note", I'm so greatful for the 3k reads! Thank you all so much for being here through this long journey which I still have yet to complete! 

(P.S. I'm trying something new each chapter just so I have people to talk to.) 

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