Gotta Love Weather People

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Skylar's POV

 It's been a three weeks since that little bomb accident, and I feel great! But, of course The Chief had to call a  hospital meeting, in the middle of the staircase of the hospital. 

"Alright! Everyone, there's a huge storm coming in three days!" Yells The Chief, as everyone murmurs about the new found information. "Meaning that we are going to have patients coming by the buss loads, and supplies coming everyday. So, be careful, we'll also need as many hands on deck as possible, so rest up!"

He dismisses everyone, and climbs off the stairs coming towards our direction, by our direction, I mean all of the attendings. 

"You all need to stay and continue your work." He says. "Also, Skylar, that kid needs to find social services until his parents wake up, or until you call family." He walks away before I have anything to say. "Also, get as many beds open as possible, we need to start early." He yells back.

"Welp, I called his grandma." Says Meredith, coming up beside me. "She is getting a plane, she should be here any hour."

"Thank you Mer." I nod, she smiles and walks away. 

"Mer?" Asks Nathan. "Don't get her hopes up man." He smacks me on the back, earning a glare from me. "Sorry."

"He's right though." Says  Cara. "Plus, he's those people that'll know, he loves sleeping around."

"Whatever." Nathan rolls his eyes.

"You guys are so weird." I say, laughing.

"But, we're the only family you've got." Says Eric. "So, suck it up, buttercup."

"Yeah, I guess that's true." I shrug. 

"Damn, you've been through a roller coaster haven't you?" Says David.

"You have no clue." I laugh. "And I have a feeling, it's not over, just yet."

"Why do you sa-"

"GET YO ASSES MOVIN!" Yells the Chief.

"He's in a mood." We all say, moving in our own directions.

I go and find Ethan, who is in the middle of the hallway, which has both his mom and dad's rooms in it. His dad is still in a coma, we've tried everything, while his mom remembers him now, but she crashed a couple of hours ago.

"Hey bud." I say, he looks up and smiles. 

"Hey Skylar." He smiles. "Is there a change with my parents?"

"I don't know yet." I shake my head. "But, your grandma is coming, she should be here soon. After that, we're going to have your parents moved to a different hospital, meaning you are going to have to go with them."

"Why?" He frowns. "I want to stay here with you.."

"I know bud." I sigh. "But there's a storm coming and I don't want you guys here, plus we need as many beds as possible for the people that'll be injured."

"I'm gonna miss you." He sighs.

"I'll visit you, and you can visit me." I say. "I won't let this be our last... interaction? I'm not very good with words." I laugh, making him laugh too.

"Well, I haven't noticed." He smiles.

"WE NEED A CRASH CART IN HERE!" Yells someone, coming from Ethan's mom's room.

"Stay." I say. "I'll be back." He nods and I rush inside the room, I see the flatline on the monitor and they hand me the 

"CHARGE TO 120!" I yell. "Clear!" I zap her and nothing happens.

"CHARGE TO 200!" I yell again. "CLEAR!" Nothing happens again. "AGAIN! Clear!"

"Skylar..." Says Meredith, taking over. "She's gone..."

I sigh and go over to Ethan, who is hugging an elderly woman, probably his grandma, I sigh and speak up.

"I'm so sorry." I say. "We tried everything."

"What about his dad?" Asks his grandma.

"He... is still in a coma." I say. "We are going to be moving him to a different hospital, since there's a storm coming."

"Okay..." She nods. "Ethan, lets go to the hotel." Ethan shakes his head, which is now buried into my side.

"Do you guys want me to drive you to the hotel?" I ask, hoping Ethan will agree. "I don't need you guys using the bus."

"It's okay." Says Ethan. "We can use the bus."

"Okay." Sighs his grandma, I look at her and she nods, they walk away. 

I walk back into his dad's room. 

"What are we going to do with you..?" I ask, that's when I hear running down that hallway, it's Nathan. "Hey Nate, what's up?"

"I figured it out!" He says. "We missed something in his brain!"

"So... there's still a chance he can wake up?" I ask, he nods. "Okay! Do it!"

"Don't we have to tell the hospital that is going to take him?" He asks. "Since we need as many beds open as possible?"

"The storm is three days away." I say. "We have time."

"Okay, fine." He sighs. "I'll page Laura."

"Okay, thank you." I nod. "Meredith!" I yell, making her turn around and look at me. "Call Ethan's grandma, they should be at a hotel, tell them we have a solution that can wake up his dad!"

"Really?!" She says. "Okay!"

"Contact me when you hear back!" I yell again and she nods.

"We did it!" I say to Nathan. "We did it!"

"You seem excited." He says.

"You are such a bummer." I say. "I'm gonna go get something to eat."


I go to the cafeteria and get myself a bag of chips. That's when I hear an announcement from the speakers around the hospital.


"Stupid weather people." I mutter. 

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