Destiny Determined

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Ooh, interesting chapter title...anyways enjoy <3 (I am writing from Gilbert's POV after a long time :p). Also, you're getting a little Shirbert in this chapter (that's the most that is gonna happen in this book, maybe more if I go against the actual book...).

Gilbert's POV

Anne. She certainly knows how to occupy my mind. Whenever I think about something, my mind always goes back to her. Why does that happen? It's not like I mind...see what I mean?! Anne Shirley is going to be he death of me.

That night of our study session, I have never felt more...relaxed. I can talk to Anne about anything, and she would understand. It is one of the only times I have been so open, in fact the only times I've been open are with my parents and Anne. She is the only person I told about how bad my father's condition is. Sure, everyone has heard the gossip, including Anne, about my father. However no one knows the full story behind it, not even Mrs Lynde. However, I shall not put my mood down for today. I was expecting a visit from a certain someone, so I shall wait.

As of the past few weeks, I have been busying myself with my studies. I know I should take a break since I have school starting in fall (yes I got the post), but I couldn't help myself. I know I would get busy by fall, with the schoolwork and travelling, and farm work on top of that. There will be barely anytime to study, except with Anne. So I shall keep ahead, so that I don't fall behind when I start teaching.

I have also been exploring my options of what course I should take in college. The course predetermines what job I shall do afterwards. I don't know though, I feel all the courses are too boring. Except the medical one. It has been my dream to become a doctor since I was 10. After my father got sick, I wanted to help him in anyway I can. Watching the doctors in Alberta taking care of my dad, I always thought that you can hero if you are also a doctor. You can save peoples' lives, just like they saved my dad. I was always so thankful for them, for saving my dad. If I were to become a doctor, maybe I will also be able to save lives, and help other people. The problem is I will have to do college for seven years then. And I will be away from Anne for three years then. I don't think I can survive that. But I have to save up for college, and that will take a while, so we will see.

Also, I have been thinking of Anne a lot more. I've been thinking of the rambles and the study sessions we have had over the past couple of weeks. Like I said, I think it is meant to be. I have heard quite a few people gossiping over us, how we are made for each other. Of course, I can't act or say anything about these rumors, since my dad told me it. He had heard from some bloke named Pacifique Buote. I think his brother, Jerry, used to word at the Green Gables farm. But since they had to sell it, he won't work there until the fall, when Mr Barry takes over the farm. 

Anne told me that when she described the financial situation. That means she also told me how Matthew died. I remember tears springing into her eyes at this point, so I put my arm around her shoulder (cautiously). Luckily, she didn't shove me away, but she leaned in and started to cry onto my shoulder. We sat there for quite a while, neither of us saying anything. She calmed down a little after that, and then she immediately lifted her head from my shoulders, realizing what just happened. It was nice while it lasted at least. We sat in awkward silence for a few minutes after that, neither of us knowing what to say. Then Anne said a hasty goodbye and she left. I made my way home from Lover's Lane slowly after that.

I have had a few encounters with Anne after that. In fact, just two days ago, she was coming back from spending time with the girls. I saw her making her way home, as she had passed the Blythe orchard. I had the honour of waling her home afterwards. She seemed very ecstatic, something about being with the girls again makes her feel young. While she was talking, I was thinking to myself how beautiful her voice is, and how she always seems so young and free-spirited. She was the one who changed me. When she came, I was still teasing girls and calling them names, but when I pulled hair beautiful red braids and called her 'carrots', she taught me a lesson. That I shouldn't tease people based on their looks. And I fell in love with her that day as well.

I didn't say much that day when I walked her home. I treasured her rambling, I may not get to hear it as much, as she is slowly stopping to ramble. However, the times she does tend to, I treasure it, and try and remember it. Her rambling is like music to my ears, a masterpiece. I can listen to her hours on end, just rambling about anything. Just to hear her sweet, angelic, music-like voice. Of course when she raises it, it doesn't sound so angelic. But that's another thing about her: how she stands up for herself and what she thinks is right. She doesn't need anyone to help her, she's a passionate individual alright.

Wow, Anne Shirley has made me fall hard.

I don't know what I would do without her. I guess god sent her to Avonlea for many reasons: to have better life, to make friends, to have people care and love for her, to help the people of Avonlea.

And for me to find her. 

I think our destiny is already determined, it's up to the individual to follow it, to unlock it, to live it. And if my destiny involves Anne, I have to make sure I live it. And that's what I am planning on doing.

As I was thinking about this, I heard a soft knocking on the door. I was expecting this, she told me beforehand. I got up and made my way towards the door.

I opened it to reveal a very deep in thought Diana.


Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! The plan is unraveling, let's hope it works! 

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