Kiribaku week: day one

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»{No warnings, its fluff}«

Bakugou looked over, seeing Kirishima had fallen asleep; he looked back up at the stars again before going and picking up Kirishima. He walked out of the clearing surrounded by trees. Bakugou carried him bridal style to the dorms, taking Kiri to his own dorm; managing to grab Kirishimas key. Bakugou laid him in bed; right before he left though he felt something, or someone, grab his shirt. Bakugou looked back. 

Kirishima's eyes were half open, "S-stay," he said, his voice deepened by tiredness.
Bakugou worldlessly laid next to Kirishima; Kiri snuggled into Baku. "Night Baku...," Kirishima muttered. 


yep SHOrt

but i have to start working on day 2 because day 3 is going to take a while to make

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