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On April 13, the music video for ARA's Standing In My Heels was dropped (however, the song wasn't available as of yet). It marked the re-debut of ARA since leaving Seventeen and was the first music to come from P Nation.

With this release, ARA came out as a lesbian and spoke about her time with Pledis.

Music Video

The music video started with ARA standing in an abandoned warehouse with other girls of different races/ethnicities. All of them wore black but they still had their own presence and style to differentiate each other from one another. ARA wore a tight-fitting, sleeveless latex turtleneck with black, mesh pants and heeled boots, all in black. Her hair was pulled back into a slick low ponytail, her hair a dark brown. Then the scene switched to ARA on a bed, wearing white two-piece lace lingerie, a diamond covered choker and hoop earrings, and silver glitter covered heels with money flying around. Those were the two scenes that were mainly switched between throughout the music video

An iconic part of the music video, as fans put it, is when ARA took a blade and sliced a purple banana in half with such force. Another one was towards the end of the music video where ARA put both middle fingers up and mouthed "fuck you Pledis" to the camera.


Alongside the music video, ARA released a statement:

Hello, This is ARA, or simply put, Araceli Renata Aksornpan. I'm writing this statement in regards to what I've been through with my former company, Pledis Entertainment, and the truth of it all. Before that, I would like to state that I have had no problems with my former group, Seventeen and will like to ask for no one to try and accuse them of anything after this statement. My time with them has been nothing but a blessing and I love the boys very much and am still close with them to this day. They have been nothing but supportive of me since day one.

Since 2010 to early 2015, I've been under Pledis Entertainment for training and throughout those five years, I've met incredible people, some of them being the boys that I consider family today. However, it wasn't all great as even then, I faced hardships then. There were usually hardships of not self-consciousness and learning how to make myself comfortable in a new foreign country, but I also faced many difficulties with the company. The company held many meetings with me, telling me that in order to debut, I had to change my style and mannerisms. They told me that I had to be obedient and change myself entirely. At first, I thought it was only normal. But that was only the start of things.

In May of 2015, I debuted with Seventeen as D.ARA. Everything that year was marvelous as I was finally achieving my dreams and I was happy. But, all of that came crashing down when 2016 came around. In the summer of 2016, there were numerous videos and screenshots of "me" being mistreated and harmed by my own staff and managers and the company kept quiet about it. More videos, screenshots, and incidents have been leaked and occurring since then to 2017 and Pledis only released on statement since then: that it was not me in those videos and pictures and that I had said for everyone to stop assuming things. That I since then went on hiatus and then decided to leave Pledis and Seventeen because I was negatively impacted mentally and physically

All of that was not true. It was false, all lies that Pledis had said in order to save their reputation.

To clear things: that was me in those videos and screenshots. I was continuously harmed by my own company. At first, it was because they found out that I had dated a now known female idol for two years during our training period. That within itself angered my company for some unknown reason and led them to start harming me. My members weren't aware of the situation until the videos were leaked. After they got involved and I had started to have enough of the harm, the harm got worst and my own manager raped me to "remind me who a girl truly belongs too"

That experience scarred me and it still does till this very day, but I moved on and continued to face the CEO head on because I wanted some type of change to happen. I wanted the other females in my company to get better treatment. So I often went against my company, and so did the members in hopes of getting them to realize what they were doing was wrong.

In the end, they forced me on hiatus without my consent before they kicked me out of the group and company entirely. I didn't choose to leave, I would never leave my boys. I would never leave Seventeen like that. They lied about me leaving and I was left feeling helpless and broken inside. With that, I left to go back home to Thailand and Cuba in the eight months that I disappeared.

Now I'm here, signed to a different company that is nothing but supportive and respectful towards me and my friends. I'm reunited with my boys and I'm ready to face the industry that treated me like shit. "Standing In My Heels" is a song that talks about all shit that Pledis put me through. I'm finally biting back at them and revealing everything to the public. They messed with the wrong girl, I've never been a quiet girl, and they should've learned that by now.

English Lyrics

I'm a diva, is that a bad thing to say? 
Do you like it? don't get it twisted, you couldn't even buy time with me
Too many guys with unclear motives around easily distracted, so these dancers crowd around them

You don't want it to end, but you're so damn superficial
I'm not Beyonce or Rihanna but I'm still a bad bitch
and I'll do whatever the fuck I wanna if I feel like it
I won't ever let you look down on me

Standing in my heels, standing in my heels, what a high pose
Yesterday, yesterday is gone, so I have nothing to worry about
Born in Cuba and raised in Thailand
Tinted lips and dark hair, I got pride you shallow fucks
Just one glance is enough for you and I know my worth
I won't let you think otherwise

Standing in my heels, standing in my heels, what a high pose
Stand in my heels and tell it straight to your face
Standing in my heels, over you, over you, over you
Amazing~ (bye bye boy)

You think you're a fucking genius but—

You got nothing on me, boy bye
You think you know it all, don't you?
First of all, I do the things I want and I know you judge me silently
But when everything starts to come back around
Everyone will see how shallow you truly are

Even a leopard can't erase it's spots
Don't call me a good girl, I'm not here to show obedience, fuck outta here with that
I don't take well to backhanded compliments, so don't flatter me
Do me a favor and don't even give a shit about me

Don't impose your fragile masculinity on me
cuz I'll cut your dick off like Abe Sada
And if you're pissed off, then you already lost
You and I know women can do the impossible and in the end, who is going to speak of our greatness? You!
I won't ever let you underestimate me

Standing in my heels, standing in my heels, what a high pose
Yesterday, yesterday is gone, so I have nothing to worry about
Born in Cuba and raised in Thailand
Tinted lips and dark hair, Am I proud? Fuck yeah I am
But just one glance is enough for you and it's pathetic that you can't see I'm deeper than that

The girls with me around Seoul
That you take to love hotels
To the Sheraton, the Ritz, the Mandarin, and the Hilton
The things that you say and do,
the difference with you is like fucking night and day
Don't expect that anymore cuz the type of man I'm looking for is a woman

You ain't shit!


{i really love this song uwu so yeah

I had to change some of the words in the lyrics so that it made a bit more sense oof. But yeah, Ara said fuck men lives, I'm a lesbian ;)


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