Chapter Twenty Six

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"I'm sorry I couldn't fix you", I tell him while softly stroking his damp hair.
"Me too." He cries against my legs.

A N N A T O D D - A F T E R


P.O.V Rose Elizabeth

"Harry, please..." I whine while he dragged me out of the car, "Don't take me there!" I exclaimed feeling the tears born in the corners of my eyes. That place brought me terrible memories that I wanted to forget desperately. I almost killed a woman unintentionally in this place. Why is he taking me here?

He grabbed my wrist and started walking towards that very street where I was being taken forcibly by the two men ten years ago.

When we crossed the busy road and reached that traumatizing place, he let go of me. I looked at him to see him with a cold expression, he didn't care one bit about my suffering, "Why are we here, Harry? This isn't only a bad place for me, but also for you!"

The way he was heartless towards this place made me wonder if he did remember that his mother died in this exact place.

This place haunted my dreams for years and now that I'm back here I've no doubt my nightmares will start once again. I don't get why Harry is taking me here. He said he was going to explain me why does he hate me so much, but why here? I'm starting to think that he's blaming me for that woman's almost death. I mean, if it wasn't for me she wouldn't be in that situation, but it wasn't really my fault... right? Was it?

"You really are a dumb bitch, aren't you?" Harry's harsh tone startled me. What did he mean? I was getting more and more confused as the seconds passed, "You think I believe in your innocence, Elizabeth? Do you?" He shouted and I felt lucky not many people were in that street, "Well, guess what, you can't make a fucking fool of me anymore!"

I hated when Harry talked to me like that, so I just turned my gaze to the ground, avoiding the way Harry was glaring at me. My intention was also showing him my sadness and vulnerability. His words hurt me too much and I felt my heart clenching in my chest.

Maybe he's right and I'm a monster, but I would like to know why does he think that way. After all, he never bothered about the situation of that unknown woman before. So why does he seem so angered by that? She didn't even die and I didn't really have a choice... What could I do? I did my best to save her, I swear!

"Harry, please... Could you explain me what happened?" I asked him fearful of his reaction. But he did told me would reveal the true reason why he has been mad with me for those past four years. "I honestly don't know what I did to deserve your hate. I'm sorry if I did something wrong, but at least I think I have the right to know what has been angering you for so long." He tilted his head to the side as if he was checking I was being honest with him, "I would never lie to you, Harry."

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