11. ❤️Positive Self-Affirmations❤️

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- I have the power to create change❤️

- I will not compare myself to strangers on the internet ‼️

- I am surrounded by love❤️

- I am beautiful and everyone loves me❤️

- Today is going to be a great day‼️

- I have the power to create the life I deserve ‼️

- I know my worth❤️

- I am in control of my thoughts, my body and my mind ‼️

- I make mistakes but I am NOT my mistakes‼️

- I am enough❤️

- I will find peace❤️

-I am in charge of my happiness ‼️

- I believe in my talents and my abilities ‼️

- I am grateful for the life that I have‼️

- I don't need to be perfect ❤️

- I am thankful for another breath❤️

- I am worthy of receiving love and respect ❤️

- I make choices that are in my best interest ‼️

- I am confident in my individuality ‼️

- I will accomplish great things today‼️

- I am beautiful ‼️

These are great self affirmations that you could say at the beginning of your day, before you go to bed or even during your day!!

Thanks to IndependentAndYoung for suggesting this chapter and the last❤️

Comment any other self affirmations that you have!

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