Part 1 : Inkopolis

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Morning rose from the night and appeared from the horizon of planet earth shining light on a huge city by the name of Inkopolis, populated by sea life that look quite like that of people.

It has been roughly a couple of a thousand years until water levels started to rise and start eliminating land animals into extinction, leaving the sea life to survive and evolve into humanoid versions of themselves under influence of the human culture, completely replacing human as even the human race could not stop extinction.

The air of Inkopolis was peppered with the smell of sea salt and sea life as the ocean tides ebb and flowed upon the beaches surrounding the city whilst the gales did not.

Meanwhile in a bedroom of an apartment building at the core of Inkopolis was what seemed to be a humanoid cephalopod creature known in Inkopolis as an 'Inkling'.

It's figure resembled that of a human with the same appendages such as arms, legs and pale skin.

However it had big ears in the shape of triangles and hair being replaced with tentacles with 1 long one each on the left and right side in the front of the ears from Inkling's roundish head and 4 short ones at the back.

The Inklings hair and eyebrows were coloured light green and had thick black outlines around its sky blue eyes.

An alarm clock was beeping at the side of the bed displaying 10:30 am and continued to ring in the Inkling's left ear. The Inkling started to open it's eyes and become partially awake enough to try to bash the off button of the alarm clock, of course missing the button a couple of times.

After the Inkling eventually turned the alarm clock off, the Inkling sat up whilst still in the bed covers which were patterned with small squids that looked like arrows.

The Inkling yawned, showing its pointy teeth as they stretched their waking arms and then rubbed their sleeping eyes.

The Inkling was now awake enough to get out of bed. Judging by a small group of letters on the Inkling's shirt as they lifted the bed covers off of them, the Inklings name is 'Kate-enticle'.

Kate looked around her bedroom which seemed to be quite big with posters, books, trendy clothes and music DVDs scattered tidily around the room.

Kate then grabbed some lime green headphones that she looked for and a black baseball cap, putting both of them on her round head, baseball cap first of course.


She then went to her bedroom closet and grabbed a new shirt (specifically one with black sleeves and a squid on the centre of the shirt) and put it on.

She walked to her bathroom and looked at the mirror, she smiled at herself and did a pose, once again showing her teeth before grabbing her red back-pack and approached the main door of her apartment.

Suddenly as she grabbed the knob of the door, her right pocket began to vibrate and glow, followed by a catchy ring tone...

Kate looked at the right pocket that was vibrating with what was in it, she reached into the pocket and grabbed out what seemed like a phone but the top of it was shaped as an arrow.

Kate swiped the phone screen to the left with her finger and positioned it to her right ear, wondering who was calling her.

"Uh- Hello..." said Kate with a soft voice, oddly sounding slightly gurgled as she spoke.

"Hey Kate!" Shouted an Inkling on the other side of the phone.

Kate became startled and accidentally threw her phone in the air but managed to catch it before it fell to the floor.

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