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Niallhoran, zayn, liampayne and 928,892,092 others liked this post


Harrystyles: thanks for taking DJ mum, it didn't take to long 😂😘, and now its nap time, x❤

Larrryyy: omg harry you've marked the boy
Lourry: bet he loved it 😂
Larrryyy: 100%

Niallhoran: I wish i was there 😔
CaptainNiall: omg niall
Nini: 😂 love niall
Harrystyles: fuck off ni !
Capni: omg has lou got harrys phone
Louist91: lou is meant to be asleep
Larrystylinson: theyve swapped phones its official
Harrystyles: ok hazzey imma go nighty now
Larrysfitaf: omg hes so soft smol and cute
Harrystyles: IM BIG !!!

Kevinthedirectioner: nipples
TreatLouWithKindness: wow nipples
Louhaz: his nipples are fuck 🤤
Hazlou: hazza defo loves to kiss his nipples 🤤
Harrystyles: can you please stop talking about my nipples !

Liampayne: ok so once tommos not in subspace and has woken up from a nap can we do a concert now
Lourry: omg please do
Louist91: we will promise I'llmessage you after hes awake x❤

Larryshipsballshit: fuck hes fit

Larrystruelove: how hard haz? You can always go harder!
Zayn: please dont!

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