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Louist91, liampayne, annetwist and 928,098,902 others liked this post


Harrystyles: woke up from my nap and saw these two having some quality time on the window steel poor lous had no sleep for 3 weeks, x❤

Kevinthedirectioner: poor lou
TreatLouWithKindness: he needs a break

Larrystylinson: harry..nap...why is he so freaking cute
Lilolarry: omg he is isnt he

Pewdiepie: i wanna see the kid. Can i see the kid. Let me see THE KID!!!
Lazza: omg hey pewds
Harrystyles: im sure lou wont mide if you saw Dolly. When and where.
Pewdiepie: omg actually! What about my house. DM Me
1DftZayn: ong omg is this happening
Harrystyles: ok , x❤
Baby_larry: omg
ShaneDawson: but i wanna see the child too 😢🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️
Harrystyles: omg yes ok shane and Felix any one else?
Larrryyy: OMG YES

Louist91: love you haz 😘💚
Kevinthedirectioner: why sappy!?
Harrystyles: i love you too boo 😘💙
Harrystyles: hes been quite sappy for a few weeks now bc of lack of sleep @Kevinthedirectioner
Kevinthedirectioner: OHHH ok

Annetwist: baby do you want me to take DJ for a little while so louis can sleep and you two can have sometime alone??
Harrystyles: yes please mum
Thebetterstyles: OMG YAY mum im coming yours for a bit
Louist91: if you wouldnt mind please Anne that would be lovely
Annetwist: ok baby I'll come get her now
Louist91: thanks Anne. Hazzzzzaaaaaaaaa ! Babys crying need a 'ug
Harrystyles: coming 😘

Lourry: this photos adorable
Larrysfit: all their photos are
Lourry: true

ElounorOK: this is bs. Maybe if louis was with elounor, which he is, and SHE was pregnant and had the baby i would believe it
Larrystylinson: two words,, fuck👏🏻off👏🏻
Lazza: dude fuck off leave them alone
Larryonly: ok fuck the fuck off and go on YouTubeand change your fucking ways

Liampayne: when tommos had a nice long nap can we please have a consert
Ihatehets: omg yes please
Louist91: dont say it like that payne !
Nini: consert what where when
Harrystyles: im up for it
Loueh: up for it sounds familiar
Louist91: harolds up for it so im up for it

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