Chapter Ten Part Four - Swim

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The two transit vans sped along the winding country lanes. Annalise knew very little about tides but she did know that making their way to Sark would be far easier in daylight and the sooner they made it back to the hotel and to its marina, the better the chance of the journey taking place, for the most part, before dusk. It was almost noon though, and she seemed to remember Joan saying it would probably take twelve hours to reach their destination.

Being mid-May, it was normally pretty dark by nine pm which meant that at least the concluding four hours of the trip would be carried out in darkness, and that was assuming they left for Sark within the hour.

“We're only a couple of miles out,” said Johnny from the passenger seat beside Annalise. “Do you think they made it to Sark all right?”

“We'll find out soon enough, Johnny,” she replied, keeping her eyes upon the road ahead of her. “Jack knows what he's... Zeds!”

“A bloody herd of them!”

Annalise slowed the van to a halt as a few hundred yards ahead, the herd continued to cross the road directly blocking their path. Harry pulled the other van up to the right and with a window wound down on each vehicle, a hasty discussion took place.

“They've not noticed us yet.”

“It's just a matter of time before they do.”

“Not if we sit here quietly. We could probably wait them out.”

“There's no telling how long that's going to take, we could be sat here for hours.”

“More, potentially.”

“We can't back up. The hotel is literally right around the corner, albeit a couple of miles down the road.”

“Yeah, and there's no other way to get to the marina.”

“Yes there is... We can back up and reach the marina along the beach.”

“That's a long way on foot, 'Lise.”

“Is there another choice? We'll take the vans as far as we can.”

“They're definitely going to notice us pulling off a couple of three-point turns.”

“Let them. Can they do sixty-five?”

“Fair point.”


There are worse things than having sand in your boots, Annalise thought as she led her merry band along the beach, trudging as they were behind her, like, oh I dunno', being eaten alive by bloody Zeds!

The tide was coming in quickly and the beach was not a particularly wide one, which meant that they did not have at all long to walk what was probably a mile and a half to the marina.

For the most part the hike took place in silence and with frequent breaks. Even though she was well aware that the three pregnant women in particular required those breaks, that did not mean that it was any the less frustrating for her and for everyone else that they had to keep stopping.

During one of those rest periods, Verity had hastily set and bound Evie's broken arm.

“It won't heal properly, nowhere near one hundred percent,” she had said quietly to Annalise when no one else had been within ear shot. “But it shouldn't go septic and if she gives the bones time to knit, she'll be able to use it again at the very least.”

It was far from ideal but Annalise knew full well that Verity had done an extremely good job, under the circumstances, and she could not help but wonder that if she had been around when Ken was dying, that she may well have been able to save his life.

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