Prologur Part 2

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They arrive at a mansion and a crimson haired man greeted them."Hello Serafall and Sona." He greets them then he looks at him."So you are his son. You have my condolences." he said to him. Escanor nod.

"My name is Sirzechs Lucifer. Nice to meet you." He greets him politely."Nice to meet you Sirzechs-sama.My name is Escareno Blaze." He greeted him. He had to act properly since he meets the strongest devil of the 4 Maou."Hahaha, I Just call me Sirzechs-Nii or Nissan okay?" he said while smiling."Hai Nii san." Escanor said making Sirzechs smile.

Then they go to a room where a bald man and a green haired man are sitting in the room."Meet Ajuka Beelzebub and Falbium Asmodeus." Sirzechs said to Escanor."Nice to meet you Beelzebub-sama, Asmodeus-sama. My name is Escanor Blaze." Escanor greets them politely. Now he is in a room with 4 Maou in there. Serafall already sends Sona back home."So you are Estarossa-sama, son. Nice to meet you, Escanor Blaze. " Ajuka greet him."Nice to meet you kid." Falbium said but Escanor did not mind.

Then Serafall gives them the letter that his father asked him to give to. They then had a somber expression while Sirzechs almost cry. The same goes to Ajuka and Falbium just kept his calm through his eyes now held a sad expression.

Several minutes after that, Sirzechs start to speak."We must tell this to the devil's society and write a book about him. Devils must know who is their hero." The other 3 Maou nod and agrees with that."So Escanor-kun. What more do you want to tell us?" Sirzechs ask him."Father asked me to show you this." He said and show the crest house of Lucifer. They were shocked seeing that. Sirzechs is the one who regains his calm."So you have become the Head House of Lucifer. Well considering your father is a Nehalem, plus the firstborn son of Lucifer, it makes sense that the title of the Head if Lucifer falls to you since he is your father." Sirzechs said."So that means you are a Nephalem right?" Ajuka asks him. Escanor nod.

"Okay. For now, you will be staying with Serafall for the time being okay? We will call you after we 4 Maou discuss you're about your matter and origins." Sirzechs said. "I understand Nii-san," Escanor said making Sirzechs had a happy face."Nii-san You hear that guy. He calls me Nissan. Not even my own sister called me that." he exclaims proudly. Ajuka and Falbium sigh. Guess this Lucifer is an odd one."Hey, That's not fair. Ne. Esc-tan. Call me Onee-san. I did not want to lose to Zechs-tan." Serafall said pouting."Hai, Onee-san." That made Serafall happy."See that Zechs-tan. He calls me Onee-san." Serafall said to Sirzechs.

"But he calls me Nii-san first," Sirzechs said making Serafall angry. These 2 have interesting attitudes. Then Serafall carries me to her mansion."Tada! This will be your home Esc-tan. If you want anything, just tell the maids okay?" she said to me. I nod my head.

Then the door opened many maids greet us. Serafall brings me to the living room and I see a man with a woman and Sona waiting for us.

"Welcome home Sera-chan. Escanor-kun. Thank you for saving my daughter from that wolf Escanor-kun." The woman said. Guess that is the mother of Sona and Serafall."Nice to meet you, son of Estarossa-sama, Escanor-kun." The man greeted me."Nice to meet you Lord Sitri, Lady Sitri." I greeted them.

"What a polite boy you are. Come on, we are going to have dinner now." Lady Sitri said. We then ear while they kept asking me questions. It seems father once save them from being killed by Old Faction members. No wonder they respected father.

I then guided to the bathroom and had to take a bath. The bathroom is really huge. He was about to take a soap before a hand gives it to him. He sees it was Serafall who is naked."Wow.Esc-tan. You really had a great body Wonder what you look when you are teenagers." she said with a bit of lust."Hahaha." Regulus Nemea laugh. Escanor now for the first time feels stuff. He did not know what to do. What can you expect from a boy who has spent 10 years training with a man but being a kid again? More importantly, he did not even get the chance to talk with girls and women until today?

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