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Kazuha stared in disbelief,shocked. Heiji,not knowing what is going on , felt that something was not right but he decided to ask later.
Aya made her way to the seat in front of Heiji which pissed Kazuha off but she decided to act calm.
During lunch, Heiji and Kazuha made their way to the rooftop (Kazuha's favourite lunch spot) and began their lunch.
Heiji: Kazuha,what's wrong?
Kazuha: What'cha talkin' about?
Heiji: Well, ya kinda look a li'l mad at that new girl...did somethin' happened between ta both of ya?
Kazuha : Errrr...ya see...I...
All of a sudden, a girlish voice appeared from behind
"The problem ain't with her,the problem was me."
Both turned their heads around to see the new student , Aya.
Aya : I heard from Hattori-baachan that ya lost ya memories 'bout a few weeks ago , I then asked what school ya were in and she told me and then I told mah parents 'bout it and they changed me ta this school,sayin' that I might help ya with ya memories
Kazuha: But ya know , Heiji's Mother personally asked ME to help him and one person is eno...
Before Kazuha could continue her sentence,Heiji interrupted.
Heiji : Kazuha,why are you so mad at her? She's just helpin' me only , I really wanna get back my memories because I really wanna know why ya felt like someone important ta meh...(light blush*)
Kazuha blushed a little , thinking, "Why does he sound so innocent and cute?"
Aya glared with slight jealousy at the duo.

Time skip
"Class,remember to do ya homework! That's all for today! See ya tomorrow!"
Heiji and Kazuha rushed out of class immediately when they were stopped by Aya...
Aya : Guys ! Why the hurry? Let's go out for drinks!
Kazuha : Ah! We don't have much time ...
Aya : I just wanna tell Hattori- kun some of his memories ya know...never mind if ya don't want ta lis...
Kazuha : Alright...fine...just don't take too long...
The three students make their way to the nearest café,with Kazuh in the middle of them, sulking...

What do you think Aya would tell Heiji?

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