Jim Taking Barbara's Daughter To The Theme Park

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Samantha rolled out of her small bed

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Samantha rolled out of her small bed.  She run straight into see her Mummy.  "Good Morning Mummy." She called as she opened the door.  Samantha used to just run right into her Mummy's room.  Then he came to stay.  So now she had to wait until Mummy said it was good to enter.  "Good morning beautiful girl." Barbara called to her.  Samantha knew that it was safe to enter.  It seemed like a long time ago now.  But when he first came to stay.  Samantha had entered before asking.  He and Mummy had been doing something.  "Mummy! Mummy are you alright!" She had called.  Samantha remembered it like it was yesterday.  Even thought it was nearly a year ago.  She thought there was something wrong with her Mummy.  She seemed to be crying.  She had run to fling herself at her Mother.  Then she seen his head, right beside her Mummy.  Mummy had never yelled at her.  But that day she did.  "Out now." She had told Samantha.  As she had closed the door, she herd him laugh.   From that moment on Samantha hated Jim Gordon. 

Samantha gingerly opened the door.  She smiled as she seen Mummy in the bed by herself.  "Mummy!" She called as she run to her.  She stopped and kissed Mummy belly.  "Good morning bump." She said.  Yes Samantha's Mummy was having a baby.  With Jim Gordon.  Another reason to dislike him.  As far as Samantha was concerned.  Jim came out of the bathroom in his robe.  "Good Morning Samantha." He said to her.  "Morning." She mumbled.  "So how are you today munchkin?" Barbara asked.  "Good.  I go get dressed." Samantha replied.  "OK, I will come and help you." Barbara said smileing at her.  "OK." Samantha said as she left the room.  Jim ruffled her hair as she walked past.  Samantha did not say a word.  He was trying to make her his.  But she never would, never!

Later after breakfast while Samantha sat in her new pink ruffled dress. With a small white cardigan to go over it.  She was allowed to look at the Loony Tunes.  You see it was Saturday.  Mrs Jones who normally looked out for her.  Could not do it today.  Her son was getting married.  Samantha liked her.  They played such cool games together.  She was even teaching Samantha how to read.  So she would be ready for big school.  So Samantha sat and waited for Mummy to orgnise one of her night time baby sitters.  But because it was Saturday, no one could come.  Mummy had to go to work at the art gallery for a few hours.  Then Samantha heard the words she never ever wanted to hear.  "I could watch her if you like?" Jim said.  Samantha's whole body shivered.  NO, Mummy don't do it! She screamed in her mind.  He will laugh at me if I cry!  No don't do it Mummy.  

But she did.  "Oh that would be great.  Are you sure?" Barbara asked looking at him with those eyes again.  Jim looked over at Samantha.  He has and had faced some pretty bad criminals in his job.  He had never felt fear with them.  But as soon as he opened his mouth to say he would do it.  His whole body shivered in fear.  "She is four, how hard can it be?" Jim asked.  Barbara laughed.  "She is an angel.  She will be no trouble I'm sure of it.  I love you." She whispered to him kissing him.  "Mummy can I come to work with you today?" Samantha asked.  "No darling.  I am having a special showing this afternoon.  He is a very big client.  It would not be right for you to be there.  Jim is going to stay with you." Barbara said.  "I know.  I guess I will have to wear it then." Samantha said glaring at Jim.  He gulped and looked at Barbara.  She laughed.  Maybe some bonding time would be good for the two of them.  Oh God she hoped so.  "Well Mummy has an hour before she has to go.  Want to watch something?  Or play a game?" Barbara asked.  "No thank you.  Can I go to my room and play?" Samantha asked feeling very hurt.  Barbara came and sat with her for a moment.  "You know Mummy has to go to work.  Jim is not going away.  We are having a baby together.  You know it would be nice to spend some time with him.  Maybe he will take you for ice cream?" Barbara said looking at Jim.  He nodded.  "Yes, I know a place that sells over 40 different flavors." Jim said.  "I only like chocolate." Samantha said.  "Well then, off you go.  Mummy will come and say goodbye." Barbara said.  She was at a loss at what to do.  Jim had asked her to marry him.  She had the dress all picked out.  She even had one for Samantha.  Barbara just hoped that this would not become a problem.  

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