Habits Of My Heart (Hawksilver)

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Clint could've had his happy ending...

He could've gotten what he wanted long ago. He could've had someone to share the same feelings with him. He could've had someone to hold close. Someone he could've had his happily ever after with... if it just weren't for Loki's attack in New York.

It was all of the god's fault. Intentionally tormenting them; one by one, he made every avenger suffer in his own torturous ways. But Clint's punishment was much worse than the others... well to him it was.

It could've less hurt if it was him who was badly injured. If it was him who was laying limp on that white sheeted bed, it could've been less of a heart breaking sight. If it was him, he wouldn't have been crying for days, months. Balling his eyes out, sniffing and agressivly rubbing at his eyes. He was already numb from the pain inside of him, he was just looking for another way to feel how the kid is going through right now. In hopes of injuring himself to the fullest that he'd be joing the person in the bed.

The archer shook his head and pulled his chair closer to the bed, taking the hand of the speedster's in his. "C'mon, kid! Wake up!... we still have a lot of things to catch up on!" He whispered-yell, not wanting to be too loud. "If this is all just a prank please stop. I hate seeing you like this. I don't like this, Pietro... just show me a sign that you're okay..." He rubbed his thumb over the speedster's hand. Looking for warmth himself. Considering he too was cold from the AC of the room. "A hand squeeze, maybe? " he kissed his knuckles, a tear rolling down his eye. "I didn't even get to tell y-..."

It hurts to see the person you're in love with in this state and not knowing if they feel the same but that wasn't the point right now. Whether or not Pietro returns his feelings, all he just wants right now is to see the speedster living and breathing... and in his arms again.

Clint knows his hanging off a thread but he's willing to hold on until the day the monitor beside Pietro beeped. Almost everyone in the Stark tower gave up hope in the speedster even his own sister, Clint was the only one who was keeping them from disconnecting Pietro completely. Clint doesn't kow if he'll ever recover if the monitor does beep and completely loose access with Pietro. All he knows is that he's still breathing and is just under a coma. It was the best thing the archer could ever think about this situation.

Clint would kill anyone who'd attempt to force him to give up on Pietro. He'd never give up what he never even had in the first place. But he'd also kill everyone in the Stark tower when or if Pietro wakes up... that's how in love Clint is.

He'd go far lengths just to see that adorable smile on Pietro's face again. Even just once... and he'd be reassured that-

"Clint! Dinner's ready!" Wanda announced from where she was at the door frame of Pietro's bedroom... confined room.

However, Clint didn't look up, he just continued staring and holding on to the speedster's limp body. He didn't tear his eye's away, fearing he'd miss his movements. Fearing something bad might happen.

It's been months since Pietro's accident, yet the archer still found hope, that one day, the kid will wake up and would be ready to run. Wanda was surprised that Clint waited--, scratch that, is still waiting for her brother to wake up.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a sec." His short reply was lacking emotion.

Wanda didn't believe him. "You told me that last week and the week before that and the week before that, it's not going to work, Clint." The archer didn't look up nor replied. Wanda sighed. "Please, Clint? You gotta eat at some point."

"Just bring me some food here... please? I don't want to leave him..." Although, the last part was mumbled, Wanda still heard what the archer said, a sympathetic smile appeared on her lips.

She understands Clint's grieve, she went through it herself. She just lost hope long ago and accepted the thought that her brother will soon be in a better place. What she just didn't understand that even at this point of her twin's coma, Clint would still be waiting.

Wanda just took the expression from Clint that he was a heartless and close minded assasin... but now seeing him broken and torn down just because of his brother, she knew she thought wrong about him.

"You know that he feels the same right?" Wanda stated, crossing her arms.


The Maximoff rolled her eyes and tsked, making her way towards Pietro's bed. "Isn't it obvious? That my brother likes you? All the time that he spent with you, he cherished those moments the most. He always made excuses to hang out with you! He can't even shut up about you. It was kinda annoying at first but now that I think about it, I know my brother has found his one and only." She sat down next to Pietro's head, brushing her fingers through his silver locks.

Clint smiled at the thought of Pietro, adorably, rambling about him. "Then, the feelings are mutual." However, his reply wasn't towards Wanda, but was more to the person who was laying in front of him.

Wanda smiled sadly at Clint. He couldn't even imagine the heart break Clint was going through. He seemed so lovesick that not even Wanda was pitying him, but all of the Avengers.

"Can you leave us for a moment, Wanda?"

Wanda didn't think twice in answering. "Of course."

Clint watched as Wanda left the room. Now staring longingly at Pietro's almost snow white face.

I'll be back tomorrow, kid....


IDK if people still ship them but I still do.

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