EXTREME Steroids and Supplements: RESULTS You Won't Believe!

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https://www.musclelabsusa.com/ - WOW! Bodybuilding has clearly been taken to whole new level in recent years. Even Arnold and Big Lou at their peak, could not compare to the SHEER MASS of the bodybuilders who compete today. In the 1970's, Joe Weider of Muscle and Fitness endorsed asthetics, a small waist line, wide shoulders, and lean muscular arms.Sadly, bodybuilding of today has turned into somewhat of a circus freak show. What changed was not only the supplements and steroids used, but the AMOUNTS! Bodybuilders today consume as many anabolics and thermogenics as they possible can. They are addicted to being "the biggest". Their hormone induced swelling is predominant in the abdominal area. In fact if you look closely many of them have a hernia. If you are new to the game of weighlifting and you want to improve your physique to look ATTRACTIVE - click on the link and JOIN US for FREE. Get tips and advice on training, legal steroid options, diet, and nutrition. 

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