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Pen Your Pride


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Just a warning this is my first fanfic. 

‘Why is he so dang attractive?’ Hermione thought to herself. She had always had a thing from blondes. She didn’t know why she was so completely attracted to him. He was always such a jerk to everyone. All the time. She should despise him with every fiber of her being. She shouldn’t even like him, he hates her and everything she is.

            “Er-mi-nee!” Ron said through a mouthful of chicken, “What are you staring at?” He and Harry looked over their shoulder looking at everyone.

            “Hermione… The only people over there are a bunch of first years and Malfoy and his bunch of idiots.” Harry said tentatively.

            “I wasn’t staring at anything. I was thinking about the Transfigurations homework. I’m going to go work on that.” She said sharply knocking her pumpkin juice over with her bag as she stood up. As she walked swiftly out of the Great Hall she walked into a person blocking the doorway. She had been so wrapped up in her lie to Ron and Harry that she hadn’t noticed Draco make his way to the door himself. He was alone for once and she went crimson.

            “Didn’t expect to see me here did you Granger?” He traced one of his long white fingers down her cheek and whispered, “Meet me in the trophy room at nine.” Confused and startled she ran from the Great Hall and up to the Griffindor common room. About an hour later Ron and Harry wondered into the common room to find Hermione buried in mounds of homework.

            “What did he say to you Hermione?” Both of them asked in unison.

            “Nothing.” Both the boys rolled their eyes.

            “Don’t lie. I saw his whisper to you and then you went running out of the room. What happened?”

            “Nothing.” She said again. Then she looked to her watch and said, “I’m going to the library.” It was quarter to nine and she wanted to see if Draco was being serious or not. As she snuck up to the trophy room she listened for his voice whispering to his little minions. There was no sound so when she stepped into the room she expected it to be empty. But it wasn’t. Standing in the middle of the room was Draco surrounded by candles. His grey eyes flickered warmly in the candlelight.

            “You came.” Draco whispered in a breathless, surprised sort of way. “You’re beautiful, you know.” Hermione stood dumb struck in the doorway. This has to be a dream, or some sort of crazy joke. Her eyes narrowed and she said,

            “What are you playing at Malfoy?”

            “Nothing. I – I wanted to tell you something that I had been feeling for quite a while. And unless I am mistaken I think you feel the same.” Hermione’s heart began to rush

            “I don’t understand.” She responded in a shaky voice. Draco took a few steps towards her and said,

            “For being ‘the most clever witch of our age’ you are rather slow when it comes to relational things.” Her heart was practically pounding out of her chest. He took a few more steps closer to her till they were practically touching. Hermione took in a shaky breath and bit her lip.

            Draco reached up and pushed her bushy hair out of her face and rested his hand at the nape of her neck. And with the other hand he ran his thumb across her lips softly. He stepped forward the last step and kissed her neck just below her ear. He brushed his lips across her jaw line to her mouth and kissed her. His hands skimmed down her body and came to rest on the small of her back pulling her close to him.

Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. They stood and smashed for a few minutes before they heard Peeves causing mayhem up the corridor. In a hurry Draco magicked the candles away and kissed Hermione one last time before taking off down to the dungeons. Hermione tucked behind a suit of armor while Peeves passed down the hall then she set off towards the common room again.

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