Author's Note

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Hey guys, thank you so much for 800 reads. I  could not have been happier. The truth is I am myself an active reader on wattpad but whenever I read werewolf stories where the alpha would bully the girl and then when he would find out that she was his mate then he would literally kidnap her and force her to accept him and they lived happily ever after!

In this story now let me just tell you that, yes, the leading characters are going to end up together but, he will have to work a lot for it. And no, he will never force her. I am now going to start the second half of the story where slowly she will start falling for him. Even a little bit of romantic moments between them. So stick with me for the ride. Let me just warn you that the updates are going to be a little bit slow now because my classes are beginning and I will be actually very busy but I will not leave this story incomplete because I know what it is like when writers just leave us hanging with no updates. And thank you once again. I know the last two chapters were a little bit boring because I was actually thinking about how could I continue the story ahead but now I have figured it out. And please don't forget to vote or at least comment because there are apparently a lot of ghost readers. Thank you so much again.

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