Part 1 ; Husband

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Jungkook waited patiently about the results of my pregnancy test outside the bathroom.

Called by him and knocked on the door from the outside was ignored by me because I was very disappointed with the present decision.

Why should it be negative again?? Why??!! Why that was happening to me??

Already 2 years I was with Jungkook married but we still don't have a child together.

I plan to do the surgery test tube before but Jungkook insisted on not agree with my opinion.

Because he said that make makes the operation of the test tube that's only for someone who is not able to get pregnant only.

Jungkook confident that I get pregnant someday but not yet arrived the time for us to get a child together.

But when??! How much to I waiting for ?? 3 year?? 13 year?? Or never?? This is really hurt me.

He also said, there are more couples who not had a joint child even thought they have been married for years.

Am I barrens??

I opened the bathroom door. I cried while a pregnancy test and Jungkook quickly hugging my body tight.

"It's negative again" I said as my voice was shaking. I crying on his chest and hug him back.

"It's okay, honey.. Shh don't cry" he said then kissed my forehead for a while to calm me from crying.

Previously, Jungkook's family once asked when they would get grandchildren to be the heirs of their family's company.

What I should say again to his family if we have family dinner after this?? Lie to them again??

No I can't do that again to them. It's hurt me so much. I also want a kid but it still not working.

Jungkook's family are very wealthy and they have many big and luxury companies abroad.

But when his family asked or talk about a kids, Jungkook always avoids and gives the same reason that we also try to get a kid together.

If he not ready to the a father to my baby why he don't tell me about that?? And still make me waiting for his answer??

I was disappointed because Jungkook never tried to get a kid with me. I don't know why.

"Don't be sad, honey. We can try again layer to make sure that we will a baby soon. Don't worry and trust me. Okay??"

He said while persuading me to stop crying and his hand began to rub my left cheek softly.

"Stop crying, y/n. Smile for me now dear. I can't go work if you still sad like this"

I just give Jungkook a fake smile even my heart was really hurt right now. I try to smile in front of him as I can.

"Ohh I have to go now. I just got a call from Mr.Kim for an important meeting with an investors company"

Jungkook quickly kissed my cheeks and he went to leave but I stopped him with hold his hand.

"Can you stay here with me?? Can you chancel all of your meeting today??"

He signed and pull me into his hug. "I hope I can do that y/n but I can't. That is important meeting about my company"

"But I promise I will go home early today, okay?? So just wait for me at home."

Jungkook peck my lips after he broke the hug and leave quickly.

So this is my life, Jungkook is always busy with his company until he always return home late night.

Although, I with Jungkook married because it is organized by our family but I still need his attention as his wife.

I feel lonely with he not on my side like now. Why I can't be like a couple outside there? Be happiness with their husband.

We are married not because of love but our family member having a close relationship since young.

Since Jungkook's family met me for the first time at dinner, they really like me until they wanted me to be the wife of their son.

I know Jungkook not love me as I love him so much since we still school before. That time, he is the most popular senior at my canvas.

I have crush on him for long time since I transfer to that canvas and I meet him accidentally.

I sit on the bed and look at the pregnancy test. "Why it still negative?? Am I barrens??"

My tears falls down into my cheeks again. I really want a kid.

I got my short message from my phone.

Y/n, wanna hang out with us today?? And we will meet someone special today!!

Yeahh sure, between I'm so boring at this big home as castle here. Wait.. Someone special?? Who??

Arrr, about that I will tell you after you arrived here soon. So quickly! He said he miss you so much, y/n 🌚🌚

Okay okay, I will be there quickly so tell me where the location now??

At CN BLUE Coffee. Quickly!!

Someone miss me?? Who is that?? Did I know him/her?? Why him/her miss me so much??

I'm getting ready to go out to see them. I miss my best friend so much.


*CN Blue Coffee*

"Finally you're here, y/n" said Lisa while a big beautiful smile on her face.

I look at them confused. Why they look so happy?? Something good happened on them??

Did they got a boyfriend?? Like a hot boyfriend??

"Why you all look so happy?? Something happened to you all??"

"Nooo.. We are happy for you, bestie" Jisoo shaking her head and smile like idiot person.

"What is it?? Tell me now, guys and who will join us??" But they still give me a smile for a answer to me. What wrong with them??

"Him.." Said Rose to me and winks at me.

"Who?? Who is he?? A man??"

Then someone arrived and join sit with us. He site in front of me.

I look at him freeze. Is that real?? I'm dreaming???

"It's me, princess.. Sorry but did I miss something here??" Then he give me a beautiful smile on his handsome.

"Why you look at me that, princess?? Don't you miss me??"

*To Be Continue*

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