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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

We made it to my show and everybody was just rapping along with me

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We made it to my show and everybody was just rapping along with me. Kamrynn was on stage being my hype man as usual. That's my number one fan, I love her

I looked over to see Kamrynn arguing with this boy and I seen he had a gun in his hand pointing it at her

"AYE STOP THE MUSIC" I yelled in the mic and the Dj stopped the music

"Say, you touch my lil girl and this will be the last time you ever converse with a female. I promise you ima go to jail tonight lil nigga. On my dead grandma"

the crowd started going crazy and at this point I was mad. He started yelling and swinging the gun around like he was gone do something

I laughed "oh you a lil bold, so I'm guessing you think I'm playing with " I walked over to him as Kamrynn stood there looking at him

her ass ain't scared of nobody

He just paused and looked at me and I started laughing "this nigga ain't talking bout nun' leave his ass alone Kam" I said walking the other way

I heard everybody say "ohhh" and I turned around in time to see Kamrynn slapping the fuck outta of him. Once I seen him yank her off stage I dropped the mic and ran over jumping off

I got Kam off him and I got his gun and shot him 3 times in his chest. I told his ass I was going to jail tonight

Security and body guards came grabbing on me. They handcuffed me and took me outside. Anger just took over me,I feel like what I did was right

I don't know how many times I told motherfuckers to not fuck with my kids. That's the worse thing you could ever do

Now he done lost his life all because he can't control his self 'round my seed. Ion regret it cause that was his karma

The police came and put me in the back of the car

"don't try to do nothing" the police officer said to me as he got in the car cranking it up

I looked at him and chuckled and shook my head

We left and made it to the jailhouse and they gave me a orange jumpsuit to put on. I put it on and they put me in a cell with two other niggas

"You look familiar" one of them said laughing

"that's that rapping nigga. He NBA" the other one said

"ohh yeah man wassup" he said tryna dap me up. Not here to be friends

I just looked at his hand and turned away.

The next morning a officer came to my cell making a lot of noise causing me to wake up. I looked up at him

"I thought you'll never wake up" he said laughing "Gaulden follow me" he opened the cell and I got up walking out

I followed behind him and he took me to the visitation room and I saw the gang, Kamrynn, and Draco sitting at a table

The officer led me to the table

"You got 10 minutes" he said before walking off and I sat down

"Yb yo' ass know you fu—" I cut 3Three off cause I wasn't tryna hear none of that

"Say, I ain't tryna hear that. Y'all already know how I'm coming bout my kids, I don't give a fuck. I'm finna be out watch" I said not stressing it

"you almost killed that nigga, you lucky he still alive" he said

"no he lucky he still alive cause I tried to kill his ass, but 3 shots ain't do nothing" I wanted to that nigga dead

"aye y'all come show me where the vending machine at" Ben Said standing up with the rest of the gang

they walked away and Kamrynn and Kayden just sat there looking

"come'a" I told Kamrynn and she got up making her way over to me. I grabbed her hand and looked at her

"you know I did what I did cause ian gone let nobody fuck with you. Nigga had a gun pointed it at you, and that's what made me mad. I don't regret what I did, but ima get you to do me a favor" I Said

"Don't be having me doing nothing crazy"

"if you want me up outta here then you'll do it. Girl we still in Baton Rouge, we not in ATL. We not home , so I'll call you tonight cause I get to make a phone call. Answer the phone" I told her as the gang came back

"Ayo come'a, you act like you can't talk"  I said looking at Draco as he came over to me "what's that?"

he held up this lil toy

"Draco what that is?"

"Pokémon" he said with a smile

"Where you get that from?"


"Boy I did not give you that. Quit lying" Kamrynn said mugging him

"Shut up bitch" Draco said and Boomer clown ass started laughing

I popped him

"Stop cussing" he turned his head away from me, so I turned it back making him look at me "Draco"

He just was staring at me like I was crazy

"yo' ass better stop cussing and calling people bitches" I said pointing at him

"he stay calling me that"

"he gone get his ass beat next time" His eyes got wide

minutes passed by and it was time for me to go back to my cell

"aight y'all, I see y'all later. Kamrynn dont forget what I told you" I Said and she nodded as she hugged me

"FREE MY DAWG KENTRELL" KD yelled as he recorded me. I slapped his phone and it fell

"nigga chill" I Said picking Draco up "yo' lil ass better be good, and stop cussing"

he ain't say nothing, I put him back down dapping the gang up

I let just and went back to my cell with the officer following behind me. My name ring a bell In Baton Rouge so they watching me


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