Chapt.12 - The Slip

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It was another day; just a day after a specific German Shepherd's birthday. Then again, he was feeling happy. He had no idea why, but somehow... He was! And he didn't mind it. Like doing every morning routine, he goes upstairs to check on Ryder, if he's however, asleep, he wakes him up.

Then, goes ahead and usually eats breakfast with Skye. For the past few months, it was the only time they pretty much get to talk by themselves. As the majority of the day was spent in missions and with other pups.

Chase took a look while he was in the elevator, he found Ryder, asleep. He knew that he had to clean up all the mess from last night. So it wasn't really a surprise that he's still asleep at this time. He then hopped onto where Ryder sleeps, then began to lick his face.

He heard his iconic laugh before he sat "Okay, okay, I'm up buddy" he replies in between laughs. Chase wags his tail happily, knowing he's awake "Come Chase, let's go down" he says with a bag of dog food in his arms. With no hesitation, Chase had followed Ryder.

The trip down the elevator was quite peaceful and quick. As Ryder fills up every bowl, Chase was on duty to wake everyone up, if they are however still asleep.

Rubble was the one Chase and Ryder are cautious of. You have no idea when this English Bulldog will wake up. 'Cause this pup loves to sleep. He even wears a sleeping mask for quality sleep!

He woke Skye first for no 'apparent' reason. Then he woke Zuma next, then Marshall, Rocky, and lastly Rubble. Chase woke Rubble last in purpose, so he could still have a grace period of continuing his peaceful sleep, as he's still deep in the forest of yummy food and treats.

When every pup had woken up, bowls were already filled up with food by Ryder. Chase's bowl was the last one to be filled "There you go Chase" Ryder says as he grins, then stopped filling the bowl when it was enough.

"Thanks Ryder" he says as he starts his day right. As Chase happily eats his delicious dish, he caught of Skye's fake flower. It was that same flower he gave her.

He smiled to himself, knowing that she appreciates it very much.

✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧


Hey pups! Ryder bought us a baseball!" Rocky yells, holding it with his claw from his pup-pack. All the dogs happily barked at this "Awesome! We can finally play baseball!" Zuma cheers.

Rocky then shifted his eyes to Chase "Chase! Can you go ahead and grab your launcher?" He requested. The German Shepherd smiles "Chase is on the case!" As he barks happily all the way in to change.

After he had finally changed into his police outfit, and wearing his police pup-pack, he barked for his launcher "Rarf! Launcher!" Then the desired instrument popped out from his pack.

Zuma placed it in as all the pups went into position. Rubble decided he'll go first. He positioned himself, as he held one of Rocky's recycled baseball bat he found weeks ago with his mouth.

"Aimf weady!" Rubble tried to yell while the bat is on his mouth. Chase nodded, seeming to get him "Rarf!" Then the baseball flew into the air. Rubble successfully hit the bat and ran around the stations.

Rocky was behind Chase, as he was the ine to catch. But before the ball had landed onto Rocky's claw, he had reached his destination.

"Yay!!" Zuma, Skye and Marshall all cheered. Chase helped Rubble up, and now he rests. When it was Zuma's turn, he was successful. Marshall had slipped on a rock, but had just slid in the right time. Rocky even had a chance to play! All were successful.

Then it was Skye's turn. "Guys, I-i don't think I should play" she says shyly. The current tallest pup in the team, Chase, perked his ears up upon hearing this. "Why?" He began.

"Well... I might not hit the ball. Or worse, hit one of you pups" as she slowly back away, and had eventually hit the trunk of the tree.

All the male pups looked at each other, after that, Chase decided to come up to her "You'll be fine Skye" he encouraged, putting a paw on her.

"Everyone's not perfect. Even I did! The first time I played baseball, I hit a window." He says, as the memory made him laugh, when back then, he was very scared that it may be the end of his life.

Skye laughed at this "Okay... I'll give it a go" everyone heard this, so the four other pups cheered along with Chase.

As the Cockapoo positions herself with the bat "Are you ready?" Chase asks, looking at her. Instead of backing out, or with fearful eyes, determination were burning in her cherry blossom eyes.

"I'll take that as a yes" he says, speaking for Skye, then he launched the ball with his launcher. As the ball hurdled forth her, she closer her eyes shut.

But then, opened her right, to see the ball near her. Her instincts was to look away, which only made her hit the balla way from her. When she realized this. She dropped the bat in pure shock.

"Woo!! Skye!!" She heard. She couldn't believe it... She did it! "Skye! Run!" Marshall yelled, as the Cockapoo ran as fast as she could.

As Skye was running, she could see the ball almost to Rocky, so she closer her eyes, hoping the gods of this game would bless her speed.


Skye had bumped into Chase with her eyes closed. Chase was on the grassy floor, while she was lying on top of his fluffy belly.

But realizing this made them yelp and stand upright "GAH!! I'M SORRY!" They both said, as they blushed lightly underneath their fur.

As Chase tries to break the awkward tension between them, and to stop the other pups giving them weird glares, he says "Well uhm... That was a great shot at first!.."

Then the other pups began to howl, Chase was slightly relieved that the pups had forgotten about that incident. Although, Skye was still lost in thinking of what happened moments ago.

"Y-yeah... T-thanks!.." Skye replies "Y'know? I'll just quickly drink water, kinda parched" she remarked as she swiftly ran back to her pup house.

All the pups looked at each other.

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