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I hummed gently and pulled myself upon the rock, letting the ends of my tail soak in the sea.

"Why don't you ever sing out loud? It's a mermaid tradition," Cora asked.

I looked at her and smiled a bit, knowing she would never judge me. She was the one person in these waters who never once judged me for the way I looked or the way I sounded.

"You can answer your own question," I replied with my raspy voice.

Cora grabbed onto a rock beside my own and planted her bottom on it. She looked at me and grabbed my face. "Forget them. If you want to sing, sing as long as your heart desires. Sing until the days of mermaids are over. Sing with the passion you hold in your voice. You, my friend, are not to worry about being judged by the cruelest beast of the sea. It is you who is Queen."

I grabbed her hand with my slim, black, pointed fingers. "You always say the right thing at the right time."

Cora wrapped her tan, rounded fingers around mine. "That is why we are friends."

The breeze was soft and cool, bringing in a mist from the waters with it. The waves rocked back and forth and tried to cover my entire tail that was planted on this rock.

I looked up at the blue sky, watching the faded clouds float on by. The wind blew some of my black hair into my face and I brushed it away, tucking it behind my ear.

I had too much hair and it never played in my favor that it was frizzy and textured. Cora helped me brush some of it from my face, letting out a small sigh. "You must let me do your hair one of these days." Her voice was so smooth and beautiful unlike my own.

"You would have to find something to do my hair with, as you know we don't get hair accessories very often." I smiled at the girl beside me.

Cora spent a lot of her time showering me in compliments and sweet securities for my self-esteem and it always worked.

I had spent most of my childhood being made fun of by the other mermaids because I didn't look like them but when Cora came along, she threatened their lives if they dared hurt me again.

When I took my rightful heir to the throne as Queen of the Sea, most of the mermaids found it harder to judge me for who I was. For that, I was grateful. My royalty kept my feelings intact.

Cora slid off the rock, back into the blue waters that would shift to teal every now and then. She grabbed my hand and tugged at it, ushering me to follow her. "Let us go for a swim."

I let her pull me back into the refreshing sea water that kept my skin cooled.

Cora waved me along, swimming backward. I started following her and stopped the moment she had.

We raced through the deep blue waters and towards our little underwater cove. I won, being the faster mermaid of the two of us. I wasn't as beautiful but I was the fastest swimmer.

We swam through the tunnel, coming up into a little pool of water that was surrounded by rock encasing us inside. I flopped onto the ledge as did Cora. Some other mermaids were chatting and brushing each other's hair while using their fingers.

Cora laid her head on the shimmery blue skin of my shoulder. "Who will be the unlucky man? Have you found him?"

"I have not." I didn't say anything else. While Cora was my best friend, I could not tell her that I didn't agree with the way mermaids reproduced.

"Make sure he's attractive. We want some beautiful babies." Cora smiled. "We should go to the Mainland at some point. They have a lot of men there."

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