Chapter 1

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The bells of the London chapel rang out with the coronation of King Richard V, three hours after the death of his father, King Richard IV, had taken place.  the January sunshine sparkled in the sapphire sky, signaling the arrival of a new year.

The 21-year-old king Richard was nervous, but hopeful as he stepped onto the platform of the chapel altar, wearing a uniform of dark blue velvet, trimmed with gold embroidery, and a matching dark blue cloak. His dirty blonde hair was neatly combed, and his emerald green eyes shone with pride and dignity as he gazed at the Crown of gold covered with diamonds and emeralds. before him, the same crown that had belonged to his father.

The chapel was filled to the brim with several people, all of them noble dignitaries and some citizens, anticipating the ceremony to be smooth and perfect. They held their breath as the prime minister took up the crown from the white pillow and placed it on top of Richard's head.

Prime minister. People of England, I now present to you, his Royal highness, king Richard V! May he prosper and live on for all of eternity! May God guide his footsteps in the proper direction!

The crowd burst into applause and chairs as Richard smiled down on them. He then began walking out of the church and out into the courtyard. Sunset was just beginning to occur over the horizon, casting brilliant beams of rose, blue, maroon, orange, and gold across the skyline of London.

Richard's advisor, Brandon Michaelson, walked up to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. Your highness, may I first congratulate you on your success of becoming king.

Richard. Thank you, Brandon.

Brandon. You are welcome. And now, the next order of business for you is...

Richard waited patiently.

Brandon. Your next task is to find a queen.

Richard. And how will I go about doing that? There are so many young ladies in this country.

Brandon. That's why I have decided to send out an invitation to the masquerade ball that you are going to be giving two days from now.

Richard's eyes bulged. Do you think people are going to come? It's very short notice.

Brandon. Don't worry, your highness. Leave everything to me.

Richard. All right, if you say I can trust you.

Brandon. You certainly can.

And with that, the two of them made their way back into the palace to begin preparations for the ball.

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