Chapter Nineteen ~ Dark Hero

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Chapter Nineteen ~ Dark Hero

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Last time in TDIMG- Cooper has stopped talking to Ava because she won't tell him what's wrong with her. Grace is being distant from Ava and is going through a "Rough patch" in her life. Braxton has just recently revealed to Ava that he is in fact not gay, and Coach Horny has struck again.

Ava Chance.

After I agreed to Milo's date offer and we decided to Friday night, I entered my house to find it completely trashed.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. The thoughts whirling around in my head were endless, had someone robbed us, had there been a spider, had they thought my grandma was a divergent?

Whatever it was, it caused my eyes to widen, my body go cold, and my hands  shake with fear, Where was my Grandma?

The coffee table was somewhat flipped, papers and magazines were scattered across the floor, Glass was shattered and broken, pictures torn,  The telephone ripped off the wall and Hiccup was whimpering behind the couch.

Pushing myself towards Hiccup, I comforted him the best a human could to an animal. Hiccup wasn't the small husky anymore; He was getting big and only was going to get bigger. Only a few months old and he was already past my knees, but as Hiccups head leaned into my touch I couldn't help but hear the soft cries coming from the kitchen.

One side of me was screaming at me, That'd I'd regret going into that kitchen but the other softer side of me was forcing me to go in and help- even if they were in my house. Making sure Hiccup came with me for protection, I followed the cries.

And as I got closer, they became familiar, they were the cries I heard when both my parents died and immediately all my walls fell and I ran towards my grandma who had her head in her arms at the kitchen table.

When my hand came in contact with her shoulder, she jumped and stared at me with teary eyes. Her snow white hair was up in all directions, her eyes were red and puffy and my first thought was she was off her meds; as insensitive that sounds.

But then I saw what she was holding; A family picture.

In it was my Grandma and Grandpa, My Mom and Dad, And me, held in my mom's frail arms as a newborn baby.

My Grandma and Grandpa looked old, but had a glow to them, they were happy. Both of them had electrifying white hair that could only work on some people, with their tan skin and big smiles they looked like they belonged on a magazine.

Mom and Dad were just as happy, my dad looked like a complete younger version of my granddad, while my mom looked small and petite, and her arms were tiny wrapped around me, while dads arm was wrapped around hers- he looked like a t-rex next to a skeleton.

My parents weren't looking at the camera though, they were looking at each other, love clear in their eyes and pure happiness in there smiles.

This was the Chance family.

The picture was beyond perfect and it showed one reason why my parent's death wasn't tragic.

They died in love.

"You always were their princess." Gran finally spoke, but just looked at the picture. "You meant the world to them."

"And when they died it was my duty to protect their world."

"Gran-"I went to grab her hand but she pulled away first.

"I got a phone call today." She shakily breathed. "It was the police station."

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