Lovesick Melody

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"I just think that I should give it another shot. I've grown up a little and should probably try to expand my interests." Awsten wasn't exactly telling the entire truth but he wasn't lying either. He had changed a lot since his late teens and early twenties. His biggest reason for growth had come only recently, even if he was unaware of it. The other reason had been the cause of his loss of hobbies; a blonde girl with blue eyes. If she asked him to repeat his biggest mistake, he would do it all again. Awsten refused to admit that little fact to himself yet it stayed locked into the back of his brain. "I miss some of the old stuff though."

"You should call Jawn. Start going back to local shows again. You used to love that." Travis was right. It was one of the few activities that all four of them used to do together. Zakk would hit on whatever he was interested in that night -boy or girl- while Travis would spend his time in the back of the venue chatting up whatever venue worker was on shift. Jawn would snap photos of every and any band he could get his tanned hands on while Awsten would spend the night mesmerized by the song. Few things had changed from back then, one of them being Travis.

"He's busy with The Houston Press." Awsten whined to one of his best friends, palming through a couple of comic books to dull the pain. There was a point in his life that he used to see his friends every day and now it had been a month and he had barely seen any of them. If being an adult meant not being able to see your friends because of contrasting schedules, Awsten didn't like it. Things had been much easier when they all ran on similar schedules. Sometimes it felt like his friends lived in different parts of the world instead of different apartments in his building. He blamed himself for pushing them away after the breakup. He knew it wasn't the right thing to do and he did it anyway. He didn't want to project that negativity into anyone else. The suffering was bad enough by himself.

"Go alone." Travis supplied, continuing his search for some sort of entertainment. Travis had missed Awsten more than he should have but he hadn't missed the dramatics for a moment. Travis had always been the one to keep Awsten levelheaded and rational; their time apart had made that more apparent. Although he had more questions than he should have for someone he viewed as his best friend, Travis kept them to himself. Awsten didn't like confrontation so it would have been pointless to even try. One by one, he let his questions pass him by. None but one lingered on his mind. Who was Geoff and where did he come from?

"I'd rather drown in Tropicana orange juice." Awsten had started sulking at the difficulties of adulthood. He wanted to go back to then; before. Where things had been easier than they were now. There were only so many times that he could convince himself that things would get better and he was running out of his optimism. The only thing that was keeping him going was the concept of having someone love him forever. It was something Awsten had dreamed about since he was a child. More than anything, all he wanted was to be loved the way he loved others. The promise of that sounded like it was worth sticking around for.

"Take Geoff." Travis wasn't able to place his finger on it but there was something wrong with Geoff. His eyes would light up in wonder at some of the most basic things like juuling or Instagram stories. His smile, although genuine, seemed disconnected. It was almost like Geoff wasn't a part of this world. Some people would have called Travis crazy for his current theory but he viewed it as entirely possible. Travis believed that Geoff was an alien. It would explain the memes he didn't know, the excitement in his eyes and the hesitation when talking about himself. Awsten had somehow found an alien and moved it into his apartment all without telling him, a devoted believer in all things supernatural. Travis felt the sting of betrayal in his back but ignored the pain. He would talk to Geoff about it some day.

"Why don't you come with me?" It hadn't meant to come out of Awsten's lips sounding even the slightest bit romantic and yet it had. He hadn't realized the implications of his words until after they had passed his lips. Perhaps it was good that sometimes he spoke without thinking. If he hadn't, some things would never have happened. All good things had a tendency to come when he wasn't looking for them. It was both a blessing and a curse. The things he needed never had a way of finding him in time.

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