Forced!! (Luke Hemmings)

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Luke (going in headspace 1 years old)




The boys have fed up with Luke's bad behavior, I mean he has been going to parties 24/7, drinking, coming home late, and bad mouthing to the boys. The management and the boys(expert Luke) had a meeting about thinking putting Luke into age play.

The boys agreed so Ashton and Michael went to the store buying the resupplied as Calum distracted Luke for coming home.

As Ashton and Michael finally got the supplies, they got home started redecorating Luke's room. Michael's phone started to ring as he answered it,"You guys are done?"


"Okay, we are on our way," Calum said hanging up. He signed this going to work for Luke's sake.

They finally came back, Luke was the first walked in the living being attached by Ashton and Michael.

"What the hell you guys." As he struggle into Ashton's and Michael's hold.

"We doing this for your on good," Ashton said signal Calum get the stuff. He nodded getting the stuff off the couch and walking toward them.

"Is that?" Luke asked.

"You will find out later," Michael sassily. They started to stripped Luke as Calum slowly putting the diaper close to his manhood.

Luke's eyes was glossy,"Why? Why, are you guys this to me?"

"Cause we're fed with your cap the pass week and the managements thought it was a good idea to put you in a age play," Ashton said slowly helping Calum put a onesies on Luke.

"And pulse it helps the stress for you," Calum said. As the other agreed. Luke nodded feeling weird and relaxing too.

The past months the 5SOS didn't have problem with Luke behavior anymore they actually like the idea of age play. Now, Luke is calling daddy to Ashton, dada to Michael, and papa to Calum.

As they enjoy their little Family of 5SOS.

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