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**A/N: Welcome to Chapter 15 loves! I have decided to put this story on a schedule, there will be new chapters every Wednesday & Friday! You will have two new chapters a week.. also, remember this story is all fiction and will loosely follow reality as far as timelines go but everything that happens is in the story basis.. I say this because you have NO idea what is coming.. hahaha.. I'm evil I know.. but in due time you will see what I mean.. For now, enjoy chapter 15!**

Olivia was currently occupied by the new toys and electronics she had gotten in the past two days she had been home. She had met all of Colby's family and each one had gifted her with at least one new toy or gadget. She was loving all of the attention she was getting but none more than the attention of her Daddy and Rebecca who she now freely called 'Mama'

Rebecca was in her new office that had been set up in one of the guest bedrooms across from Colby's office downstairs and Colby was out at the wrestling academy, checking in with the kids and trainers.

Rebecca was in the middle of responding to emails when her phone began to ring. She stopped typing and picked up her phone and pressed it to her ear.

"Hello?" she answered "I thought you were supposed to be teaching a class" she said with a small smile on her face

"I was.. They're on a break.." Colby answered "What are you up to?"

"Emails" she answered quickly with an audible groan in her voice causing him to laugh slightly

"Still? That's where I left you this morning"

"Yeah.. apparently I'm a very popular person.. I've gotten about 15 more since this morning" she explained

"Well do you think You're going to be done anytime soon?"

"I've got about six left.. why?" she asked as she sat back in her chair

"Well.. I was going to say, finish your work..go get dressed in something other than the sweats You're still in.. My mom wants to come over and watch Olivia.. she said she wants to have a movie marathon with her and get to know her a little more. That would give you and I a whole day to ourselves to do whatever we want"

"That does sound very tempting" she said with a smile on her face and he could tell she was content in their new life

"Do I have to convince you more?" he asked

"No..No.. I should be finished with these emails in about an hour and then I will get ready"

"Good.. I'll be back home in about an hour anyway and I will take over parenting duties from you"

"She's been relatively quiet this morning.. but I can see her on the cameras and she is just playing and minding her own business" she said looking up at the flatscreen tv that showed all of the cameras that were set up around the house and the property

"We got lucky with her.. she could have been a little crazy devil but she's the sweetest, most caring and smart child I've ever met"

"Agree" she said with a nod and returning her attention back to the computer in front of her

"I'll tell my mom to head over in like an hour" he said

"Okay. I should be done by then" she said

"Love you" he said

"Love you too" she replied with a smile

True to his word, Colby was home an hour later and Rebecca had just pressed send on her final response when he walked into the office with a smile and he placed his stuff on her desk before grabbing the rolling chair and pulling her away from the desk, spinning the chair around to face him and placing his lips on hers gently.

They had shared few actual kisses in their short relationship, The majority of them were quick little pecks in between goodbyes or matches. Rebecca made it a point to commit each actual kiss they shared to memory.

"Well hello to you too" she said as he pulled away and pressed his forehead to hers

"I've been wanting to do that all day" he said in a whisper

"Why didn't you do it before you left?" she asked

"We both know You're not a morning person and as early as I left this morning.. You'd probably punch me if I tried" he laughed and she shook her head at him before pressing her lips to his again

She stood up as he began to back away, they began to walk towards the couch that was also in the office, their lips not once losing contact. Colby sat down on the couch and Rebecca followed his movements, either leg on each side of him as she sat in his lap

"We need to stop" she said pulling away from him out of breath

"No we don't" he whined and tried to pull her lips back to him and she pecked his lips once more before reluctantly pulling away

"Who do you want to walk in on us? Your Mom or Daughter? You pick one and be okay with it and I'll gladly let this go exactly where it was headed"

"Fine" he said frustrated "Later?" he asked

"If you're lucky" she stood up

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