The Left Back & The Center

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Meredith's POV

"You have to stop worrying about her." Says Christina, eating a fork full of her salad. "She alright."

"I don't know..." I say. "She seemed pretty hurt after the explosion."

"I still can't believe you have a crush on her." Says Alex, I kick him under the table. "OW!"

"Let's be honest." Says April. "You probably like her too."

"I'm not gonna deny, but she's hot." Shrugs Alex. "But..."

"You've got your eyes set on someone else." Smiles April. "That's surprising."

"Kinda like the fact that your a virgin." Says Christina, we all laugh lightly. "What? It was an easy one."

I notice how April doesn't respond with an eye roll or her usual 'I'm waiting until marriage' type thing, and instead looks at Jackson. I look over at Christina, who is also looking at that, we look at eachother and shrug. 

"Anyways." Says Jackson. "You're not going to like the rumor that has been spreading around."

"What's that?" I ask.

"That Laura and Skylar are dating." Says Alex.

"Oh..." I say, as Christina pats me on the back. 

"You never know, it might not be true." Says April.

"Don't use your optimism here." Says Christina. "Have you seen the way they look at eachother? Plus, we don't know that they aren't either, so, always get ready for the worst, at least that's what I do."

"God, why do you always have to be so..." Says Alex. "Dead inside."

"We're surgeons." Shrugs Christina. "Don't expect us to be jolly and happy." She looks at April. "Well, not ALL of us."

"Whatever." April rolls her eyes. 

We all get 9-1-1 pages, making us hurry to the pit. 

"At least you get to see her now." Says Alex.

"Shut up." I say. 

We all get to the pit, we all see the attendings putting  the yellow 'scrubs', we all put ours on as Skylar explains what is happening.

"Alright, so there has been a gas tank leak." She says. "There will be some unconscious patients, some covered in gas to head to toe, so NOTHING that can light them up, get ready they're close!"

A couple of seconds later, there are patients being reeled into the pit. I go with Skylar, since I'm her resident, that's when she spots a little boy.

"Hey buddy." She bends on one knee. "What's your name?"

"My name is Ethan." He says. "My parents, are they okay?"

"We'll see what we can do." She says. "But from what I see they should be okay."

"Thank you." He smiles, hugging her. Aww, they look so cute...

"Meredith." She says, knocking me out of my thoughts. "Can you go help out? I'll be with this little guy."

I nod and leave going to help with the rest of the patients, I approach one that is in a bed covered in gasoline, he's about to light up a cigarette. But, before he does, I snatch it out of his hand.

"HEY!" He yells. "Give it back!"

"Look, you are covered in gasoline." I say.

"So what?" He asks.

"As soon as you light that cigarette on fire, you are going to light yourself on fire." I explain. "Now, let me examine you, you can wait until then, right?"

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