The Letter

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The letter that answered all my heart breaking questions..

I tried my best to forget with all my methods and intentions..

Don't know why I feel like loving you again though you caused me pain..

You don't know that's it's making me crazy and insane..

This feeling of love with its twist and turns..

The rollercoaster ride that's scorching like a thousand suns..

A surge of electricity running through the course of my veins..

It's taking over me, taking control as it reigns..

I want to speak now, to explain what I feel and mean..

What is it you're really after? Tell me and make a scene..

The words you said made me want to sing and prance.. 

That letter showed how much you cared 'cause you took a chance.. 

Still so many questions, I'm not here to be sad and cry.. 

You shaped the girl that I am now and you held me so high..

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