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The back wall and sides of the cell were built with black stones, the front of the cell being lined with iron bars. It was as if they were on display for all to see; like an animal in a cage to be laughed at and mocked by man. On the both sides of the cell were benches made out of the same stone that had built the cell, the bench running the entire length of each side. 

Aiya paced back and forth in front of the left bench, her arms cross in an effort to calm her breathing. 

Kinnon sat on the stone bench that sat on his side of the cell, then laid down across it with the top of his head towards the bars. He propped his palms underneath the back of his head. "There's no use in pacing, princess."

"Well," she cleared her throat, "I'm just trying to weigh my options."

"You don't have options." He said, barely looking over to her. "You either fight and die trying, or you become one of their child bearers."

She shot a look towards him that displayed her fear, "Their what?"

"Never mind." He said, though she wished he would have expanded on the subject. But, honestly, she knew what he meant. It was rather obvious.

She forced herself to think. Think, think, think... There had to be a way out of this. There was always a way out of things. There just had to be.

Wait... Why was Kinnon laying across the bench as if he were comfortable? Was he comfortable? Why was he not trying to come up with a plan out of this place?

Was there a way out?

Of course there was. There had to be.

A man was walking towards their cell—cage, more like—with intentions that were unknown to Aiya. Though, he just looked to be passing by.

Wait... This might be the only chance...

She stepped over to the bars, ignoring Kinnon's confused look. "Excuse me there," she flashed a smile, though it felt more awkward than real.

The man stepped over.

"There doesn't seem to be a privy within these walls. Do you think you could show me to one?" She asked, trying her hardest to still her shaking hands.

The man laughed, "Yes, I can."

She stepped over towards the iron door, still ignoring Kinnon who was now sitting upwards as he watched her plan unfold.

"It's right over there," he pointed back over to her side of the cell at a small wooden bucket that sat on the ground. "Good day, miss," he looked her over, scanning her from top to bottom. Aiya was thankful that she couldn't read his thoughts, because she wasn't sure that she wanted to confirm what she was already seeing him think. He then left.

Kinnon shook his head and laid back down in the same position that he had been in, the only noise filling the air being that of Aiya's deep sigh of frustration. "That was a terrible idea," he said bluntly.

"At least it was an idea." She said as she walked back over to her bench and sat down.

"An idea that would've probably resulted in you getting hurt,"

She raised a brow, "So the heartless bounty hunter does care." Wait. Had she seriously just said? What took over her brain—and her tongue, for that matter—to cause her to not only think that but to say it out loud.

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