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Lexi was surprised by the visit Michael had received. Apparently Brooke never tired of harassing him. The two gave each other a half-closed look, which showed a lot of hatred from both of them. After so much silence, Lexi decided to say something. Without any encouragement, he asked what he was doing there. Brooke laughed shamelessly, implying that it did not matter to her. With every gesture, with just one word from her, it was enough for Lexi not to resist the urge and send her kicking her way, but she was not like that. Seeing the indifferent attitude that Brooke showed, more annoyed than the previous time, Lexi asked him again what he was doing there. This time he did respond. Looking at her over her shoulder, he told her that he did not care in the least, and if he did the favor, he would turn away; I had to talk to Michael. Lexi could not believe how shameless that girl could be. He was not kidding and he was going to let her go. That was when Brooke said that Michael had called her for something important, which of course was a lie, but she wanted to give it where it hurt the most. Lexi did not want to believe it. Michael had no reason to call her. Lexi was already late in returning, she did not know who had called the bell, so she decided to go and look for her. When he arrived and saw what was happening, he could not believe it himself. It was where the girls were and amazed by the visit, asked what was happening, what was she doing here. Lexi looked at Michael a little surprised. He told her that Brooke said he had called her. Michael of course denied it, but Brooke as always with his bad games, denied that that was true. He had called her and that was why he was there. They wanted to talk about what had happened while Lexi was not there. Perhaps they could resume their relationship ... Upon hearing such a thing, Lexi struggled for the tears not to fall from her eyes. How was that possible if they had just returned. Michael, with a face of not understanding absolutely, denied everything and tried that Lexi did not despair and did not believe what she said. He politely asked Brooke to leave, to which he first refused, but after seeing that Michael spoke very seriously and somewhat angrily, he accepted, but not without warning that he would return. She was already walking away from the house while the two of them entered. Lexi looked sad and confused. He tried to calm her, but Lexi could not take another minute in that house. I had to get out of there. Without giving Michael time to stop her, he quickly left the house. To their bad luck it started to rain, and quite a lot. Under no circumstances was going to let him go alone on that road and less with time as it was. Michael went after her. Lexi could not contain her tears, so while running to her house, she cried and wondered why things had to go so crooked. There always had to be something to ruin her best moment with the boy she wanted. Everything was always a disaster. Michael was almost there to reach her, when he stumbled and fell to the floor. Lexi noticed and backed away. He bent down to help him. Not much damage had been done, but the ground slipped a lot in the rain. When they reached down, the two were very close, leaving their faces to brush. Michael begged him to please listen to him. Nothing had happened, he had not called anyone and of course he did not want to resume any relationship with anyone other than her. A slight laugh escaped Lexi. It was kind of funny that one of the two always fell down. They were ducky. Michael laughed at his comment, and stroking one of his cheeks, approached their faces to thus join their lips in a sweet kiss. Each of those who gave were unique. Despite being soaked by the rain, they did not care, there were only two of them ...

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