Training Pt. 3-Jaime Lannister x Reader x Jon Snow

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This is the final part so go read part one and two first! Enjoy!


"I am only letting you come because I don't want you alone on Dragonstone, so be careful. Okay?" He pulled on his gloves before he turned back around to me. "Stay close to me and Davos when I am not around you. Cersei is too dangerous." You can say that again, I think.

"I promise." I smile sweetly and he returns one of the few smiles he has given since the betrayal by his Night's Watch brothers, making me smile wider.

"What is it?" He chuckles.

"I just missed your smile so much," I whisper and raise my hand on his cheek and rubbed his cheekbone with my thumb. He laughs one more time before he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He watches at the door then, when there was no noise, he leaned forward quickly and planted a kiss on my lips. A rush of energy flooded my veins, but it felt just as good as the first time long ago, after our moment in Castle Black's dining hall.

I broke apart from him and he seemed disappointed but he tried to hide it. I give him a cheeky grin, "I think Cersei will be expecting you soon. We should get going." I pull away and tie my knife around my waist and Jon watched me, silent as usual. I nod and he opens the door to begin to walk out in the hall as I join him.

Jaime's POV
Cersei's handmaiden clipped the necklace around her neck on her black dress before turning to place the crown on her head. I sigh.

"Let's get going. They should be waiting by now." She muttered before she walked out of the open door. Her black dress with the intricate designs flowed right in front of me and I held the sheath tied around my waist and remembered the last time I saw Y/N. I grit my teeth to try and not show any emotion but it doesn't get rid of her face from my mind.

We walked into the pit and, as she planned, they were waiting for us. Everyone except The Dragon Queen herself. I look over to the Northern side and I spot Jon Snow and Brienne. I nod to her before my eyes jump next to her and spot Y/N.

Jon must've been the steward to keep her safe. But, he looks at her as if they were more than friends.

Jon's POV
Cersei walked past us and Y/N's breath seemed to hitch when Cersei stared her down. I furrow my eyebrows to her and she just shakes her head. I leave it be when I notice Jaime Lannister watching Y/N's movements as he made his way to his seat. We wait for Daenerys but Jaime seemed stuck on Y/N's presence here.

Once Dany finally arrived, I push the Jaime subject to the back of my mind to focus on the task at hand. I walk forward and begin right after Tyrion.


Jaime's POV
Cersei stands, followed by all her minions, including me. She walks out but I stay behind for a few moments and approach Y/N slowly. Jon was speaking with Tyrion and Brienne trusted me, so it seemed like the best time to do this.

"May I ask you something?" I whisper to her. Her eyes take me in then look at the sheath she gave back to me. She nods and I take a deep breath. "Are you and Jon Snow...?" I pause, wanting her to finish the statement or answer the question. I listen carefully for footsteps behind me but I hear none.

"Yes, why?" Her eyebrows furrow and she watches my expression, confused.

My heart drops. I try to contemplate whether or not I should tell her how I've felt for all these years. If I told her, she might feel the same but that would leave her in a horrible situation with how she feels for Jon. She doesn't need to worry about choosing. "I was just making sure that you were okay." I force a smile and she seems to believe me.

Her smile back was full of genuine happiness and my heart breaks a little. "I am doing well! How are you doing?"

I nod and return the same before I head back to Cersei, not wanting to face the fact that I lost her to any other man.

Jon's POV
After Jaime walked away from Y/N, I walked to her while still watching him. "What did Jaime want?" I try not to show my jealousy but if it was noticeable, she didn't say anything about it.

"We were great friends in King's Landing and he wanted to make sure that I was doing well." She smiles and sees if all of Cersei's men were gone before walking forward to give me a hug. I smile and wrap my arms around her. "You did great, love." She whispered in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

"Thank you." I hug her tighter before kissing her temple.

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