Training-Jaime Lannister x Reader x Jon Snow

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Requested by @GameOfThronesFan

This will be three parts and this is an AU where Jaime never lost his hand. Enjoy!


"That was too close, Jaime." My hand raises to my cheek feeling for any blood or cut but there was nothing there. He watches my hand as it goes back down.

"The enemies won't care if it was close, they want it to be that way." He nudges my sword, "Ready your stance again, we need to keep practicing." He is ready as I jump forward. He blocks it and I lock the swords. Before he gets the chance to make another move, I pull the knife from its hilt on my back and hold it up to his neck.

He looks at it then back to my eyes, smirking. "Smart, I would applaud you but it is not the safest to move right now." He gives me a cheeky grin. "I yield."

I remove the blade and place it back where it came from. "Five-minute break?" I move my sword to have me leaning on it.

He laughs and nods slightly. "Yes, I will go get us some water, stay here. I will return in a few moments." I sit on the side of the makeshift arena and watched the waves and listened to the sound as I close my eyes to relax.

Jaime's POV
I bound up the steps and make it to a servant. "Bring me two water flasks," I command and he runs off quickly. I lean on a tree, waiting for the water.

"Why do you need two, dear brother?" Cersei's stride makes me stand up straight. Her eyebrow raises as a smirk plasters itself on her lips.

"I am training with Bronn." I lie.

"Oh? But Bronn is with Tyrion." She tilts her head at me. "And I thought I saw a woman down there with you?" Her expression turns dark and furious.

"Cersei," I whisper.

She raises her hand, "If you don't get her out of my sight and your reach, I will make sure of that myself. Father already knows, I told him earlier today when I saw you two leave to train. Am I clear, Jaime?" She stares me down.

I look down the stairs to Y/N and see her resting her eyes. My heart drops as Cersei's threat sinks in deeper. If Father got involved, I wouldn't be able to help her. "Yes," I mutter through clenched teeth.

"Good," she nods her head to me and turns and walks back to the Red Keep.

I watch Y/N as the servant hands me the water flasks. She is not going to like this.


Jaime's jaw clenches. "Y/N. Please listen to me."

"Why? You seem like you want to be rid of me so quickly." I continue to pack my clothing and he hands me one of my dresses.

"It's not safe anymore. Cersei told my father about you and you are in danger of my family as long as you're here. I can't protect you from them."

"Protection isn't what I come to you for!" I exclaimed, turning on my heels in an instant. "I came to you every day for your company." My voice shakes and I cringe at the sound of it. I sigh when he doesn't answer and I walk around him to my dresser. The room was getting lighter and lighter as the sun rose but my mood wasn't going to change from it.

"I can't just let you stay here when I know that you will be punished for me caring about you. I've seen it happen before to Tyrion's old wife. I'm not letting that happen to you." He walks next to me trying to get me to look at him but I remain staring at the almost empty drawer. I notice my sheath for my sword he gave me. I pick it up, feeling the leather on my hand again.

I hold it up and examine the details one last time. I raise it to him while tears flowed down my cheeks. His eyes seem to water as well as he takes it slowly from me, confused. "Keep it," I mutter. He opens his mouth and takes a shaky breath in to disagree but I cut off his chance. "You gave it to me as a gift. It's my gift to you now. If I must leave, I want you to at least remember me by." He holds it and I could see his grip tightening.

He places it on the top of the dresser and opens his arms and hugs me. His arms tighten around me as he tries to hide the sobs. He breathes in sharply before breaking the hug and quickly wipes his tears. "I will escort you out."

He picks up my bag and the sheath before opening the door for me. The long hallway seems to extend and the heels of my shoes echo through the halls and back into my body, seeming to make my heart beat louder.

We finally get to the carriage and Bronn is wearing fancy, lord clothing. I furrow my eyebrows and watch his new movements. "I'm coming with you." He opens the door and I smile at him.

I climb in and Jaime places the bag in the back. Bronn enters the carriage and shuts the door. Jaime watches as the horses begin to gallop off. His eyes don't leave mine as we rode off to I don't know where.

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