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Misty:Sooooo.....I'm sorry!I'm goona take a little break guys.....I make today some blood tests.And the lady took the blood from my right hand but also from the left. Because when she pulled the needle out of my right hand she remembered she needed to take more blood, so she took from my left hand too.

After she take my blood I  felt dizzy,my vision began to become black and I heard the doctor's, nurse's and my mother's voice sounding as they voice were under water.I almost fainted two times,but the doctor and the nurse help me to stay awake.

I even vomited in the waiting room when the nurse brought from the from the medical lab yard wher she and the doctor took me to get some air.

So I was almost to faint in the examination room.The nurse and doctor took me to get air>When I was thinking I was beter I go to the waiting room and I sat on a chair to calm down a little.But then I feel that my vision become black again.The nurse and doctor help me again.Then I feel that I'm sick and I vomited on the waiting room.

"Now I'm good but I will get a break of 1 day or 2 to get beter.I'm not allowed to get angry "(the doctor said)

I make my mom worried and I don't like to make my mom worried becaus I feel that is my fault that she is worried about me.....

I will stil be on Wattpad but I will not make storys......

Pleas don't get angry on me....T^T

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