I - Pain

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Red and Green streaks of light connected our wands and just like 17 years ago his own killing curse rebounded and hit him.


This time there were no more horcruxes

No more parts of his soul tethering him to the mortal realm

This was the final death

It was over finally

HE was dead

Then why did I feel like a part of me died along with Voldemort. Logically I knew I should rejoice like everyone else, that it's a good thing that he's dead but why do I feel this searing pain in my chest, this agony was making it hard for me to breathe.

All I could think was "dead!dead!dead!"

It feels like someone just ripped something out of me like a limb or an organ and all I could do was watch and bear helplessly.

This emptiness that was intensifying every minute.

Distantly I heard Ron, Hermione and Ginny calling my name but it felt like I was under water, different voices merging with each other, all distant, all muffled and I was drowning in the middle.

Kill me, Now

I want to die

Stop this pain

This empty hollow plain inside me that screams for what's stolen; never to be returned . Relieve me of this misery

I kept screaming in my head but nothing left my mouth, all around me they kept shouting at me, touching me.

It Burns

Their touch burned me; made me feel dirty.

Stop It

No one was allowed to touch me

"Don't Touch Me"

"Harry? Harry?"
"Are you alright?"
"What happened?"

Maybe it was Ginny or Hermione or Mrs.Weasley, I couldn't differentiate all I wanted was for them to stop touching me and shut up.

"Its okay harry" it's not

"It's over, we won"

"We won the war"

"Look Voldemort is dead"


He can't die

I won't let him

But he's dead, all his horcruxes are destroyed

I destroyed them

I destroyed my soul

Now I'm nothing, just an empty shell.

How there was nothing where once everything was.


My eyes finally snapped open -I hadn't even realized when they closed- and looked at the body lying some distance from me on the cold hard ground unable to stop myself I crawled towards him despite the ache that has settled into my very core, the first thing I noticed was his peaceful and serene face giving the illusion of sleep rather than death .

Picking up his head and cradling it in my lap , I caressed his face; I longed to see those ruby red eyes even if they were glaring at me with hatred, I could live with that or maybe die for that but I failed my soul

I failed my soul and now I pay the price

"Please wake up"

"Harry, what are you doing mate?"

"Its okay now, just wake up"

"Do something mione, he's gone crazy"

"Harry please snap out of it, what happened to you?" They kept asking but I didn't care, all I care about was my soul.

"Get up please, I'm here,it's okay"

"Mate, V-V-Voldemort is dead."


"He will wake up, he has to" He is just sleeping, all he needs to do is open those ruby eyes " please wake up, come on you can do it"

"Harry stop it this instant, stop this insanity. Voldemort's gone and it's a good thing. Stop this insanity"

I ignored them all, they were nothing compared to my glorious soul; tiny pests compared to this magnificent beast.

Why were they touching me? Pulling me?


"NO!!! Leave me" why were they doing this? Why are they separating me from him, my very soul, dragging me away from his glorious form and dragging me into misery.

I fought and thrashed with all my might against them.

"Its like he's possessed" I'm not, I just wanted to be near my soul, being near him soothed something in my broken soul and eased the ache deep within.

"He will wake. Please wake up, I'm your soul, your horcrux. I'm so empty without you" I screamed

Every single person in the great hall including my attackers were stunned into silence with my declaration and ceased all actions, taking advantage of this I bit one of them and successfully freed myself and leaped for HIM.

I embraced his still form and cried for all that I've lost and all that I'm no more and will never be.

His body was still as I kept him buried in my arms, away from their eyes but he wasn't breathing; his heart wasn't beating.

He was well and truly gone

By the time I noticed the red light of the stunning spell it was too late and the target was hit.

Maybe the darkness can give me peace
I hope I never wake up

Were the last of my conscious thoughts as my world plunged into darkness.

_ _ _ _ _

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