Authors note: Okay, now I'm really sorry that I have not been writing. I have been busy doing so many things it's unreal. I have been helping out around the house been, doing homework, etc. I'm really sorry, so I'm gonna write for a while I'm gonna stop writing once I get to chapter 15 and take a brake. And one more thing, sorry about the short stories. Well bye ~Sierra.


Casey woke up early that morning and packed her bags. "I can't stay here, I have to find Amy. They won't help me find her anyways so I must leave." Casey finally got blankets, food, water, and new pairs if clothes and put them in a bookbag and then she left. Casey first did not make a plan on how to escape so she just had to wing it. Casey saw Coal, he was leaning up against the solid doors smoking a cigarette. Casey hid behind some bushes till he left. When he left

she made her move and left the area. When she was about five miles out she found this house and looked in side the Windows to see nobody in site. Casey knocked on the Windows and doors to make sure and nobody was in side or any things. When Casey knocked one last time she opened the door and walked in. Casey walked around the house making sure nobody was there. Casey walked up the stairs to find a huge bedroom. She walked around and opened dresser draws and nightstand draws, and when she opened a drawer near a bed she had found a fully loaded pistol gun. Casey tool the gun out of the drawer and examined it. It looked brand new. Never used or touched. Casey finished searching the rest of the house and last she went to the kitchen to find the cabinets full of cans of food. Casey took all the cans out of the cabinets and brought them up to the bedroom. When Casey got upstairs she looked out the window to see people out front with guns.

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