Vanessa's POV

I loved New York. It was as simple as that. I grew up along the coast of New Jersey, but ever since I was old enough to talk, all I would talk about was moving to the "Big Apple." My parents, being the strict businessmen they are, were never into the city as ironic as it sounds. Usually, that was where the heart and soul of where many wealthy business people would nest. My mother did all of her work at home, and my father would travel to wacky places across the country while I was growing up. Besides disagreeing just th

They also had this idea of my becoming the perfect poster child; going to law-school, taking an internship at my mother's firm... you get the picture... So, as you could probably tell, when I told my parents i wanted to become a writer, I wasn't exactly encouraged.

Needless to say a giant fall out happened where even though my parents had more than enough funding to pay for my everything while I was away, they refused to pay for anything except schooling.

So here I was, 18, alone in one of the worlds biggest cities, with no cash, job, or place to live.

Fast forward 12 months. I've now landed an internship at "Bad Luck" magazine as a part-time writer, I live in a small apartment towards the upper east side with my friend Bethany, and I'm a part time college student... Add in a part-time job, and my schedule's completely booked. Throw in my time at the art studio on 6th street and my creative writing, and I'm mega busy... Just when I thought I couldn't get any busier, he came into my life...


My black boots tapped down the linouliem floor of the hallway. The smell of cleaning product filled my nostrils as I exhaled.

"Ah, Mondays," I grumbled, walking into the office, being greeted by co-workers. I responded with light hellos and small waves, doing my best to be polite.

I really loved it here, don't get me wrong, but the thought of a Monday morning just made me want to groan. Since it was a monthly magazine, we had tight deadlines in short amounts of time.

That didn't really affect me because I was more of a "Go get me a coffee." or a "Go make copies." kind of an intern. Occasionally they would let me write, but my dream would be interviewing and writing.

Just as I approached my boss's office, she looked up and seemed frantically hurried. She waved me in quickly and immediately told me to take a seat. I already knew I was going to be given an impossible-to-complete odd job that she had forgotten to do days ago. I rubbed my temples and looked at her with a fake smile.

"Vanessa! I'm so happy you're here..."

Here it comes, I thought sullenly.

"You've been making a lot of progress lately and I'm very impressed by your work! Our main interviewer, Scott has just flown to LAX to complete another interview with someone for next months magazine..."

At this point, my mind couldn't wrap around what she was saying. Was I getting my first real story today? Or was I not understanding the situation correctly? My palms became clammy and I wiggled anxiously in my seat.

"The problem is, we accidentally double-booked him! So, we have a group we were supposed to meet at Spencer's coffee, that now doesn't have an interviewer to run their interview."

My hands tingled with excitement, knowing the opportunity I was being handed.

"Yes," My boss, Haley, grinned, "This is your big break! All those hours you've worked your ass off have lead up to this moment! When you always thought no one was watching you scribble those pretend articles, I would read them over your shoulder..."

I blushed, and let out a relieved sigh.

"Don't prove me wrong okay? Go straight to Elaine's office and pick up your schedule for the day. Do not mess around with this assignment alright? This is a make or break situation..."

I nodded eagerly, speechless. "I, well, you know... Thank you!" I exclaimed.

"I'm proud of you Vanessa, you've made such good progress. Prove to Bad Luck that I made the right choice! The boys are named 5 Seconds Of Summer I believe? I'm not sure... Talk to Elaine now! And you're welcome, you deserve it."

The name seemed familiar in my head but I couldn't seem to put my finger on it... I was so estastic I couldn't even think straight.

I could finally prove everybody wrong, and prove to everybody that I could do this, that I was cut out to be a real journalist.

And nothing, or nobody would get in my way.


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