1-Outta here

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"Awwww is Hoku gonna cry? Does she miss her mommy?" They yelled.

"Stop! Leave me alone!" I said helplessly sobbing as they spit and kicked me.

"Shes crying! Go join your mom in hell stupid lil bitch!"

My eyes fluttered open. I was panting and crying. God, highschool. I closed my eyes to fall back asleep but the memories kept flooding back. The bullying, teasing, the cutting and starvation, hospital room, therapist. I ran to the bathroom and got my blade. I slid it's edge across my wrist. The sweet soothing pain. I had enough. I have to get outta here. I grabbed my laptop and booked the next flightto Spain.

"New place, new start" i murmured to myself. I grabbed a small suitcase and packed a few tops, undergarments and some shorts. I snatched my bag and put my computer and a jacket inside. My plane left in 10 hours. And i couldnt wait.


"Ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for liftoff"

'Im finally going to Spain!! Its a good thing Mom taught me Spanish before she....' i shut my eyes. Eventually i dozed off.

"We will be landing in about 5 minutes"

I woke up. And listened to some music. I felt the airplane hit the ground and slow to a stop. I unbuckled and got off the airplane. I quickly got my luggage and was walking to the exit when i ran into someone.

"I am so sorry!" I heard a man say.

"Thats alright" i murmured and looked up. Standing in front of me was THE Neymar da Silva Sontos Junior and he was GORGEOUS.

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