Chapter 43


I woke up with an excruciating pain traveling through my head. I sat up and winced in pain. I looked all around and saw things that looked familiar. I was in my chambers.. But how did I get here?
My thoughts were interrupted by the creak of my door being opened. I turned my head to see a slightly tired looking Christopher walking towards my bed.
"What happened?" I asked him with my shaky voice.
"You fainted, so I brought you up here so you can rest."
Something was not right. He was lying and I was going to find out what it was about.
"Okay." He smiled and then walked out of the room without another word. That was so weird.. Whatever.
I got out of bed and walked towards my door and went down the stairs that lead into the "living room."
When I reached it I saw Rumple and Chris having a serious looking discussion by the fire and I saw Ella trying to eavesdrop on them, but failing miserably.
I walked up to them and frowned
"what are you talking about?"
They turned and looked at me and there faces changed
"hey Al. How's it going?" He used his sweet voice trying to change the subject "please just stop trying to change the subject."
I whined at him and crossed my arms over my chest
"nothing to worry about dearie!" Rumple shot up and smiled
"Belle has been looking for you. Why don't you go talk to her, huh."
He swished me out of the room and I didn't stop him. I walked to where I was told Belle would be in complete silence. I just wanted them to tell me the truth.. Why was that so hard?

Belle, Ella and I spent the day hanging out in the library. The library had so many books it hurt to even count.
After a long day of talking and reading I was truly exhausted! All I wanted to do was sleep.
After dinner I decided it was time I crashed.
When I was heading to my room I couldn't help but notice a strange light coming from one of the spare rooms. My curiosity took the best of me and I found my feet making their way towards the source. Every scary movie starts this way.. Never go towards the creepy thing!
I opened the creaky door to reveal nothing there. I walked around the room and checked to be sure. When turning around ready to leave I saw something in the corner of my eye. I quickly turned to see a hunched over shadow sitting on the side of the bed starting to play some sort of musical instrument.
I started to quietly take steps backwards toward the door but was stopped by the shadows voice
"you know you can't run from me love." He stood up and started to turn to face me.
When he did I immediately noticed his bright green eyes.
He smirked
"Alex, you should know better. So have you made up your mind?"
He look at me, waiting for an answer. How the hell..
"How the hell do you know my name!" His smirk left his face and he stood In front of me with a look of confusion "what?" Really. Nice answer..
"Answer me!"
I ran up to him and held my hand to his chest, heat starting to make it's way from my palm to his chest
"how do you not remember me.."
He backed up and looked into my eyes. He stayed like this until the door opened and in ran Hook.
"Alex! Get away from him. He's a bloody demon and you should know by now he cannot be trusted.. He put you in danger many times."
"What the bloody hell are you talking about!"
I screamed at him, making him take a step back in shock. The man in the hood spoke up
"she doesn't remember me Hook."
I looked over to the boy in disgust. I wish he would leave.
"What?" My father asked while walking up to me and wrapping his arm around my shoulders.
The boy leaned onto the wall and smirked.. Once again!
"I bet I know who did that to her." Hook laughed
"don't we all."
"about time too." He murmured to himself
"what?" The boy asked Killian.
"Oh nothing."
I walked to the door and walked out quickly to my room. Hook follow me and sat beside me on my bed. Soon followed the boy who stood in the doorway, leaning on the doorframe and facing me with his death glare.
"Who is he?" I asked my dad.
He sighed and lied back into the bed looked at the roof. The boy smiled
"I'm Peter Pan." I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die
"righhttttt. And I'm the big bad wolf" I said sarcastically.
I lied down beside my father and chuckled quietly.
Peter Pan! Like hell..
"Typical Unbelievers" I heard Peter murmur and Hook chuckled.
"I'm not saying I don't believe you.. I mean I'm in The Enchanted Forest!"
I looked at Captain Hook and he smiled "Your right about that" I giggled "although.. I can't really believe all the stories I was told in the real world. I mean you had a wax moustache and a perm!"
Hook looked at me and raised one of his eyebrows
"so is that a bad thing?"
I smiled
"you don't wanna know."
He laughed and soon I laughed too. Pan just stood there and looked at us in complete confusion. Man this boy needs to get out more!
"So what did I look like?"
He asked me curiously
"let's just say.. You wore tights and a green feathery hat.. And you had orange hair. You also were in love with a girl named Wendy."
"How ridiculous!"
I chuckled
"yeah you are.."
He came over to me and stood above  me and Hook at the edge of the bed. "So who's Wendy?"
My eyes widened
"so your saying you don't know Wendy?"
He laughed
"of course not! That's why I'm asking you."
So he likes sarcasm.. Okay.
"Well she's a girl and you love her. Not really much to say."
I laughed at his disappointed sigh. I felt a yawn escape my mouth and I sighed "I'm really tired.. I'm going to go to bed. I think you should leave now Peter Pan.. As for you Hook, I'll see you tomorrow right?"
He patted my shoulder and stood up "of course."
He smiled and left me alone in the room.. With Peter Pan! Great..
"I really wish you would remember me" He said to me shakily.
"Yeah.." I looked into his eyes and felt something inside me moved. I stayed like that until I realized what I was doing and as soon as I did I looked away. I lied back onto my soft pillow and looked up at the roof. I could feel his eyes on me and I looked over to him "why are you staring?" He smiled
"you started it!" He held his hands up in defence and I chuckled
"whatever" I murmured.
Pan got up and started to walk to the window but stopped to look back at me and smile.

"Goodbye Alex." I looked at him and slightly smiled.


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